[ I S O ] Mini Walter

2021.10.21 18:27 janewey [ I S O ] Mini Walter

I'm ISO Walter, especially the older non-capsule version that comes with bio tags. But I know that is harder to find, so also interested in capsule version. Please post or PM me with your own ISOs or price :)
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2021.10.21 18:27 Physical_City1457 How the war on covid is going.

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2021.10.21 18:27 nodgih I need some French for you to pardon

I joined a league of fantasy players all from France, and I’d like to create a witty team name that will be appreciated by my French leaguemates. Does anyone 1) have an understanding of French puns, and 2) have any ideas for a team name? Thanks.
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2021.10.21 18:27 themecla SB will release on a week day

Unbelievable. Disgusting. Steel Wool.
I work at a factory. From 7 am to 5pm.
When I come home, I can not do anything since I am too tired.
My kids want to play the game the day it comes. It will not be possible, since it's a school day plus I will be too tired to buy the game.
I took November 18 as a day off since this was going to be the release date, but Steel Wool changed the date just to piss ME off !
My kids will have to wait until the sunday that comes after the game's release, because it's the only day where I don't work. They will probably be disappointed because everyone would have spoiled them already.
Unbelievable, Steel Wool Studios. I demand a compensation and I demand the game to be delayed until christmas holidays ! Or I riot !
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2021.10.21 18:27 Rookie_reece Alison Brie (AI Upscaled)

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2021.10.21 18:27 TheVirtualExperience Great Purchase - Vintage Pepsi Machine (Early 60's)

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2021.10.21 18:27 Zekiro96 The state of this sub

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2021.10.21 18:27 ariolander Let's Raid While We Talk About Raids And Issues, It's Not All As Intended Disgaea RRG | Hayzink

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2021.10.21 18:27 JAJA_RP Voici mon skin version Noël

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2021.10.21 18:27 kreestopher I hate the Generational names given to certain age groups

Gen z, millennials, boomers, etc… why not just call them by the approximate age range? Like 18-25 year olds. Maybe it’s because I don’t really understand who you’re talking about when you say gen z or zoomer or whatever the fuck. It’s just an extra unnecessary label
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2021.10.21 18:27 tizokis One week in,collection growing

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2021.10.21 18:27 Baemsete What's the first thing you can remember?

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2021.10.21 18:27 SaamClass Wow! Liu Lihong's "Classical Chinese Medicine" is in The New York Review

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2021.10.21 18:27 Speculawyer Did PG & E just give me $50 for being in Ohmconnect?

I bought a Nest thermostat and sent in for a $50 rebate and got this today:
"Dear XXXXX,
In addition to providing you with a $50 rebate for your EnergyStar certified smart thermostat, we have determined you qualify for an additional $50 rebate because you have participated in an energy incentive, energy reducing, peak hour or direct bidding program either with PG&E or another company."
Cool. I'll take it.
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2021.10.21 18:27 HelloDSM302 Getting used to a name.

Hi I just recently changed therapist and one of the first things she asked was “what are your pronouns, and what name do you like to go by?” My last therapist never bothered to ask even though one of the big reason I started seeing her was because of coming to grips with being transgender. I was caught off guard and I didn’t know what to say, so I told her the name I use online, Sarah. During the session she kept referring to me by that name. It made me feel strange And I wasn’t comfortable. Has anyone else experienced that feeling? I wanted her refer to me by Sarah but it was so strange to actually refer to that by some other person.
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2021.10.21 18:27 alcapwn223 Unable to login- iOS

Attach failed to drop other attach. Anyone else getting this error? I've also been getting time outs.
Server seems fine and no updates are needed. Is it my iPad?
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2021.10.21 18:27 gla55jAw Found A Copy of White Dwarf From When I Was Born - March 1987- Issue #87

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2021.10.21 18:27 Nerdy_essays [FOR HIRE] Are you stuck with your paper, essay, or assignment? Running on a tight deadline? Too busy with your job to finish your paper? Look no further!

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2021.10.21 18:27 Plankton-Inevitable Which songs gets you the most hyped?

View Poll
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2021.10.21 18:27 Snowflake2828 "One more final; in the End, the End brought them together."

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2021.10.21 18:27 _ZEN0N-TheCloudKing oh

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2021.10.21 18:27 WalkingOnTheFireGras Looking for the best (sweet) cafe in London!

I used to really LOVE coffee, but due to some health issues I can’t really drink it anymore, or very very rarely.
So basically I want to get my one and only cup of coffee this year and I want to make it really special, that’s why I’m looking for the best coffee places around. My tastes are pretty basic, I like coffee (often) sweetened and with milk, maybe even with syrups etc. More of a coffee ‘drink/cocktail’ than just pure black coffee.
Also, would really appreciate if it has good atmosphere.
If you know anything like that I’d appreciate any recommendations!
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2021.10.21 18:27 Extension_Finance_95 The inside a a KFC bucket.

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2021.10.21 18:27 flanker_lock Winter Precipitation Outlook 2021/2022

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2021.10.21 18:27 throwaway-selfshame There's so much......what is going on with me?!

TL;DR: body image/being able to eat and SO issues
Please forgive me, I apologize in advance if this doesn't make sense.
I (39F) have so much going on in my head RE: nearly every aspect in my life atm.
History of self consciousness about my appearance/weight. It's recently gotten to where I don't feel comfortable having my long-term (15+yrs) SO (40M) even touching me, seeing me in the shower or changing. He informed me, only a few months ago, that he prefers, and has always preferred, the opposite style of accessories/self expression than what I do, and have done from the beginning(makeup, clothing style, hair style, etc.) So combine those two and let simmer in my brain for 3 months. I've not been able to eat a full on meal for about 2 weeks. I know I need to eat, I know it's unhealthy not to, and I'm not doing this on purpose, buy any means, I'm not. I try to eat something, even a small snack, and my brain sends some signal to my stomach that causes me to feel physically ill. Why?
I've been unemployed for almost 4 months, not quite, and without a vehicle for 8 months, maybe only 6? Before, when I was employed by without my vehicle, SO was providing me with a ride to work when he was headed to work, but only on days that he was working. If I had to work when he wasn't, he wouldn't offer to give me a ride, let me use his vehicle, or even to pick me up when I was done with work. But previously, when he didn't have a vehicle and was working, I sacrificed my sleep, my vehicle, and always offered for him to either use mine, or I would offer him rides. It was just automatic for me to do so, because isn't that part of what being in a relationship is about? Supporting each other? Throughout our relationship, he's had a job for maybe 3 years cumulatively. I've been WITHOUT a job, cumulatively as well, for about the same amount of time of which he's had one. A week ago he told me that "he's drowning, having to be the only person paying for everything." I don't know what to even think, let alone say, to that.
I'm sorry, again. I think I may have just needed to vent some of this out. There's more, much much more, but I've already spouted so much that I know is throwing up flags left and right. If anyone has the time to provide a little light on the path for me, I would appreciate it.
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