Ustedes creen en Dios?

2021.10.21 17:08 Lvelvetblack Ustedes creen en Dios?

Siendo sincera creo que nunca creí al 100% en Dios y siempre tuve esa duda pero como (al menos en mi caso) te pasan metiendo miedo decidí creer sin importar que ni siquiera me importara llevar una religión o creer en un Dios, tiempo después ya estando más grande me lo volví a cuestionar y pensé "solo creo en él porque mi familia me lo impuso (familia de mi papá)" y me preguntaba ¿Creo en él de verdad o solo tengo miedo de ir a un infierno? ¿Creo en él o es porque fui educada para hacerlo? Y llegué a la conclusión de que me realidad no creo en Dios y ahora soy agnostica, pero aqui va mi pregunta ¿Ustedes realmente creen en Dios? Y si es así ¿Por qué creen en Dios?
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2021.10.21 17:08 kozmoyan Close your eyes and fly to the mysterious world of Halloween with the ambient scenes and sounds.

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2021.10.21 17:08 HotrodHG Simple SUP question

A little back story -- I've been administrating SCCM/MECM now for 10 years. I've either fixed up or rebuilt several environments over that time. I'm currently in a debate about SUP/WSUS with someone at my current location who has been at this organization for a VERY long time and built the original environment in 07 that has been upgraded since then to CB. I was tasked with doing a build/migrate to a new environment due to DB issues that Microsoft hasn't been able to figure out but believe it has something to do with the SCCM DB being as old as it is.
The old/original environment is: 2 Servers, Server 1/Primary Site server is hosting SQL DB for SCCM, WSUS, PXE, etc and Server 2 is hosting SUP, FSP, DP. I am building the new environment similar to the original since the Primary server is hosting SQL again, but I decided to put SUP/WSUS on the primary server to eliminate some unnecessary traffic.

So here is my super simple question:
With an SCCM/MECM environment that manages less than 2000 machines and the Primary site is hosting the DB for SCCM and WSUS, would you just put WSUS/SUP on the primary site server? Or is there THAT much of a performance difference with having WSUS/SUP on a second server and have it connected to SQL on the Primary site server?
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2021.10.21 17:08 OrthodoxInTheMaking Seeking advice on conversion

Glory to Jesus Christ! My story is probably very typical. As such, I hope some of my orthobros can help me discern what to do. The last ten years of my life have been one of spiritual upheaval. I have gone from having no faith (having been raised without faith) to trying various evangelical protestant type communities, to joining the Roman Catholic Church and getting married/starting a family. By accident (or divine intervention), I stumbled across a Byzantine Catholic Church and attended out of curiosity. It opened my eyes to the East and changed things forever for me. Fast forward to the shut downs, all the Catholic Churches (including Byzantine Catholic) close following demands of Roman bishops and weak secular government officials. I notice the Orthodox Church in town stays open. I decide to check it out. It's amazing. Nobody is masking or worrying about social distancing (yet nobody is being a jerk about it). There's no shaming for wearing a mask and hanging outside and there's no shaming for going up to venerate icons and share the one spoon for Holy Communion. I stay for several months, slowing introducing my wife and children to it. Kids love it, I love it. Wife tolerates it (for a time). Then when I get serious about conversion, wife pulls back and freaks out. Huge scandal, lots of drama, you get the idea.

So after over a year of fighting about it, we reached a compromise to become Byzantine Catholic. I wanted our family fully separated from Rome in terms of spirituality and theology. I wanted to make it work. And it was/is working for now. However, in my heart, I am not at peace. I can't reconcile the Eastern Catholic Churches holding to some Roman errors (by my estimation). I feel like I cannot be a "good" Byzantine Catholic, if that means accepting Rome's erroneous teachings on various subjects. Still plan to meet with the Byzantine priest to see how that all shakes out. But my heart has always longed for Holy Orthodoxy.
Fast forward to the last few weeks. I feel almost entirely convinced to begin the process of discerning conversion at the Orthodox Church and I want to take my children. My wife flips out and it starts everything all over again. I tried making a compromise with her. Me and the children would become Orthodox, she could remain Byzantine Catholic. I would take the kids to Vespers on Saturday evenings and would be willing to allow our family to attend the Divine Liturgy at the Byzantine Catholic Church on Sundays exclusively (since the kids really love the community there, there's tons of families). She wouldn't need to feel pressured to convert to Orthodoxy, I wouldn't feel pressured to stay in a Church I believe is professing errors and most importantly, our family could maintain a Byzantine spiritual life in the home. In terms of spirituality, there's very little to distinguish between Byzantine Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, at least as far as prayers and practices in the home go.
But it wasn't good enough for her. She wants, understandably, to have all of us receive communion together. The Catholic Church acknowledges the Holy Mysteries in the Orthodox Church and welcomes all Orthodox Christians to communion (so long as they are properly disposed) without any extra hurdles. Of course, the Orthodox view on this is a mixed bag with MOST Orthodox bishops frowning upon if not forbidding the practice outright.
So here is the crux of my issue. Do I continue to live, for now, as a Byzantine Catholic and try to keep working on my wife's conversion/softening to Holy Orthodoxy? Do I become Orthodox and bring the children with me and say to hell with her feelings (obviously this is not at the top of my priority list) or do I let her keep the children in the Byzantine Catholic Church for now, and focus on becoming Orthodox by myself and try to bring the rest of the family in later? What would or did some of you do if you were in my position, or know someone who was? What worked?
Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.21 17:08 JIF_lover99 Just got my submission back from Beckett…couldn’t be happier NFS/NFT

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2021.10.21 17:08 miaj96 Finally got the full collection! 😍❤️

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2021.10.21 17:08 coolio9876 Any psychology majors here? Why are 1v1s so much more stressful than team games ?

I've noticed that I get so much more stressed and worked up during 1v1 games than I do team games. Does anyone know what causes this ? Like I know the obvious answer is "because you only have yourself to blame" but I just can't help but feel like there's more to it than that. Like I don't feel like I've ever been that critical of myself during 1v1s and I am equally aware of all the mistakes I make in team games. If anything I would have thought that you should feel more stressed in team games because your mistakes also impact other people as well not just yourself.
So yer was wondering if anyone really knows / understands what makes 1v1s so much more stressful than team games.
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2021.10.21 17:08 ky_bal [FOR HIRE] Your Virtual Assistant

Hi! I can help you with admin tasks. I'm very flexible and willing to learn. I can work for 8 to 10 hours per day or 40 to 80 hours per week. Im a beginner as a VA but I will be sharing my best practice if you hire me.
I can do tasks such as: Data entry(Microsoft Word & Excel), Web Research(Google Search Operators), Inbox and Calendar Management(Handling Emails & Organizing schedule), Basic Image/Video Editing, Social Media Support and other task depending on your needs.
Dm me if you are interested. Thanks for reading!
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2021.10.21 17:08 ZacHefner I'm needing reminders to not "just have a little"

A bit over a half year.
Now with autumn coming on, I'm getting the itch again, not just once or twice, but regularly. A glass or few of wine sounds great while cooking dinner. After moving a bunch of furniture last week, the thought of a six pack of Guinness almost melted me. This morning, buying half&half, I caught myself eyeballing those mini bottles thinking, aw, scotch would be great with my coffee.
So far I've resisted. I'm happier & healthier, but I'm angry I can't start again without the risk of losing 194 days of progress.
Help me out, stopdrinking . You helped me quit, now I need it again keeping on this path.
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2021.10.21 17:08 zanneturtle I had a visitor last night: A story of loss and hope

I suppose this post is more for personal use, but I wanted to share with you all as I think the message my visitor last night represented is "you aren't alone", though I'm still processing it.
My life has been...difficult. I'm a child abuse survivor and I've learned how to grow and thrive after repeated life setbacks. I have a whole host of diagnosed disorders. Agoraphobia, panic disorder, ocd, ptsd, bipolar, depression, adhd, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia with chronic pain. I'm at poverty level as I still haven't approved for disability and my last job was in 2016. I've lived alone for 14 years, never had a long term romantic partner, and I don't have a single real life friend.
A few weeks ago I had a hysterectomy. There will never be children in my life and due to her own struggles, my sister doesn't want to be a part of my life, including her two daughters. I love children but it's not meant to be. On paper and in life, I'm a mess. There isn't stability at all.
Right before Thanksgiving 2019, my one real life friend, who I had known for 30 years, died in a car accident. In 2020, I lost 4 familiars, and in 2021, I've lost three more familiars. I've lost a dog, three birds, and three cats.
This is just the setting to MY story. All of the loss I've experienced has dragged me to the bottom of the pit where I've been drowning. I've experienced grief from loss of a parent, friends, family, my mobility, my strength, and my hope.
I'm still here, though. Despite it all, I still love wholly and deeply. My familiars are my cherished family.
Last night, I had a visitor.
Yesterday, I lost my familiar, Harvey. He was my favorite and he was my baby. A gorgeous, stubborn, high spirited black cat whom I've had the privilege to love for 11 years. He was my heart and I said goodbye to him on a cloudless, perfect fall day. As the sedation took place, he was in my arms, looking up at the sky. His spirit refused to go and he fought with everything he had, but his body was too weak to go on. He was loved with every part of who I am. I'm fortunate that he had a perfect day as his last, and I was able to tell him all the things I wanted. I asked my dad, who is on the other side, to be there for when my Harvey crossed so he wouldn't be alone. I told him of all the other familiars who have already passed that he would get to see again and meet. I told him to be nice to my childhood familiar, as the two were so much alike and their love for me was selfish and each thought I was theirs alone.
I still feel sad down to my bones. There has been too much loss in too short a time. No one should have a grief routine. I know how I'll feel during their decline, mourning for them while still alive, giving them my time and love until they tell me it's been enough. I know how I'll feel as I hold them during their last moments, the shock and emptiness I feel after. The trip to the grocery store for ice cream and spending the day staring off, feeling so sad and bitterly wondering...who's next? Who am I going to lose next? How can I keep doing this? How much more can I take before I break completely and I'm not able to put the pieces back into place?
Then, last night, I had a visitor.
I've had visitors throughout different points in my life. I feel like I'm crazy when I think about them after and I never tell anyone about them, but their visits are real. My higher self has been a regular part of my life, offering guidance and unconditional love, as one day, we'll be merged into one. I've had visits from spirits, both good and bad, attracted by curiosity, or sent my malicious intent. Energy can come from loving warmth or cold contempt. I've had a periodic visitor who is a trickster. They like sending me awful images as I'm falling asleep, such as nerves being pulled from fingertips and toes, ghost children standing above a dark staircase, staring down at me, or skeletal hands reaching for me. All my horror movie fears come to life, until I realize the trickster is back and we have a brief chat and they leave again.
Last night, my visitor was someone new and this post has been reflective and expository up to this point, but maybe one of my witchy sisters and brothers know who she is? Or have met her in your travels? She was warmth and love. I didn't call out to her, but as I was falling asleep, I got the sense of long wavy hair flowing on the left side of her face. I don't know what she looked like (as I never do, really), but she was so loving and comforting. She stroked my hair and told me that I've tried my best to love and care of my familiars. She said that I couldn't give up because there ARE still plans for me and I'm not as invisible as I think I am.
I've struggled and I've lost and I've cried for years. I was a suicidal teen, I've been in a psychiatric hospital, and I've said goodbye to all my family. I still keep trying and i'm so desperately hoping that my life has to be more than it's been.
I can't explain the sense of peace that she gave me last night. She soothed me to bed and I got the sense half an hour ago to start typing this out to all of you. Why? I don't know, but I've always followed my instincts. Today, I still feel sad and empty, but I'm not having the thoughts where I wish I could just...stop living. Not actively die, but just not exist anymore. I think she came because of that cold, detached numbness that comes from grief. She knew that Harvey is different from the others. The others were pets, but he was truly my familiar and a part of my soul. His illness was something he should have healed from. He WAS healing from it, but then in two weeks he crashed. In two days, it became irreversible. He didn't want to leave me just as much as I didn't want him to leave, but he had to as his body couldn't fight anymore.
I am glad that my visitor came to me last night, even though I don't know who she is, but I think she was someone of power with just how...absolute her presence was. I also know that what she said was true, that I'm still not at the place where I can give up, that there is happiness and a reason/answer for why I've had to suffer so much. Sometimes it's impossible to go on and yet...I do. Because I have to.
For anyone reading this, I hope if you've met her, you've been able to feel the warmth and love she radiated. For those of you struggling, you really, truly aren't alone even when you think you are. Love comes in all forms, from people to familiars, to unnamed spirits who are watching even when you don't know they are.
I know if I wasn't here, my familiars wouldn't be, either. My cats are all from a feral cat colony next to a busy road. I've given them the best life that I can with all the love in my heart. They get all the ear scritches, chin rubs, and kisses they could ever want. Losing them is so deeply difficult but I'm here to keep loving them for as long as I can be. When my time comes, I'll be there to care for them on the other side, too. My life might be in shambles, but if I can bring happiness to my familiars, then I've done my job.
I suppose that's all for now and I truly wish you all a peaceful mind and loving heart.
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2021.10.21 17:08 kozmoyan Close your eyes and fly to the mysterious world of Halloween with the ambient scenes and sounds.

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2021.10.21 17:08 Suspicious_girl1990 Which hooplehead said 18? Loop c**t should have been Number 1

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2021.10.21 17:08 st4irway2kevin Pictures of Colombia

I am making a power point for a human rights presentation on Colombia.

I would love some BEAUTIFUL pictures of what Colombia has to offer landscape wise.
Any cool protest photos would be great as well.
I would appreciate if you could share these with me!
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2021.10.21 17:08 converge20t Eames Aluminum Group Lounge - Clicking noise when reclining

I have an Eames Aluminum Group lounge that was purchased new about one year ago. Recently, the base has developed an annoying clicking noise when I rock back and forth. While I know this is not a popular chair, anyone have any experience with this type of base and if there is an easy way to take it apart?
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2021.10.21 17:08 Deppfan16 Birthday Bash get bashed

Ops delicious meal
I am so jealous. looks amazing.
Apparently you can tell how done a steak is from the outside
Don't you dare use that sauce!
Completely unsolicited tearing apart of the whole meal
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2021.10.21 17:08 Confussed-Oddish In defense of Germany and their anime music, the One Piece theme slaps hard

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2021.10.21 17:08 live_strong95 Infinity Skies Development Update🚀

Infinity Skies Development Update🚀 Our team is working tirelessly to create a game you will love👏🏻 Stay Tuned for more updates in the coming weeks 👀
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2021.10.21 17:08 hellochrissy Making a seating chart mirror by hand

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2021.10.21 17:08 foxyblonde666 Hi neighbor 👋

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2021.10.21 17:08 thats_jargon1001 Why am I not at the level as other piano players, although playing piano longer than them.

Some of my friends who play the piano are way better than me, even though I've been playing longer than them. Here's an example: I learned how to play Fur Elise in my 4th year of Piano. My friend had learned Fur Elise in his 2nd year. I think I'm pretty good at not slacking off and practicing, but I feel like my progress is to slow for some reason.
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2021.10.21 17:08 Spooky_Dva My baby ❤️

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2021.10.21 17:08 kozmoyan Close your eyes and fly to the mysterious world of Halloween with the ambient scenes and sounds.

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2021.10.21 17:08 bene_1805 Denkt ihr goretzka und Davies spielen gegen hoffenheim ?

View Poll
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2021.10.21 17:08 KiaOraBro_ The annual BCPC survey of post production professionals is happening now...

It's anonymous, and it's the only comprehensive snapshot of our industry that exists in the USA.
The data is used for a variety of things, including guidance on how much productions/companies should pay and demographic data.
Make sure you're counted so that the data is representative of the whole post industry we get a good dataset.
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2021.10.21 17:08 fried_the_lightning Prime Picanha

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