19 M anyone wanna play iMessage games or send memes?

2021.10.21 18:20 Fancy_Violinist_7860 19 M anyone wanna play iMessage games or send memes?

18+ tho
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2021.10.21 18:20 Euphoric-Distance971 Newly targeted - I think I might have been put on a government watch list

I have been dealing with some creepy activity in my apartment during the day and night when I'm home with nothing valuable stolen but signs of damage to my window seal. I have heard a group of at least 2 people but probably more walking around inside my apartment. The past 3 nights I've heard a loud noise near the guest room window like a smacking noise on the window, and hear someone walking around in there and at the exact same time hearing someone outside my bedroom window underneath it and walking around near my car in the driveway.
I called the police the first night it happened, because when I went into the other side of the apartment to check out the noise I was hearing near the office, I came back and was locked out of my bedroom and heard someone in there. They police arrived about 10 mins later, gained entry to the bedroom and no one was in there. They couldn't find anyone outside either. I continued to hear someone coming in the evening around 7-8 pm in the guest room, someone walking around in the office near the other side of the apartment, and someone outside my bedroom window all at the same time. I heard gunshots over at my neighbor's house about 2 nights ago in his backyard for a few minutes nonstop, and it sounded like whoever was messing with me might have also tried to mess with him.
I'm not sure who they are or what they want but I am so creeped out. I have also been getting followed the past few days by what appear to be unmarked government vehicles (black dodge charger with visible police lights on the front and back dash, gov tag), (white dodge charger with police grill on the front and visible police lights on the front and back dash, gov tag), (tan colored dodge durango with visible police lights on the front and back dash, was unable to see tag), and an unmarked silver ford explorer with a civilian tag.
The unmarked silver ford explorer with the civilian tag followed me the most frequently today, and followed me around for 20 minutes this morning on my way to the bank, and all the way from one side of town to another on my way to lunch for 30 minutes, then almost all the way home after that but they tried to quickly turn off the road without signaling and first went in someones driveway then came up again and went into the other side of town very fast.
I was also nearly killed by a person in a white subaru suv who tried to intentionally ram my car at a red light, then chased me down the road weaving in and out of lanes very quickly when I tried to change lanes to evade them. I had a weapon in my car which I made visible in the passengers seat but did not point. When they saw I moved it up front next to me they left me alone.
I also had a silver ford five hundred with a police tag on the front of the car which cut through incoming traffic and nearly hit someone that sped up behind me as soon as it saw me. The driver was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap not in uniform. There was also an unmarked black dodge charger with visible police lights on the front and back dash that intercepted behind me when I was almost home about 5 minutes from my apartment. They pulled off the road slowly without signaling as I got closer to home.
I am extremely creeped out by this activity and I think they may be tracking my cell phone to see when I'm coming and going from my apartment and my location. I spoke off the record to a victim advocate about being assaulted a couple of weeks ago and noticed I was being followed almost everywhere I went by unmarked police cars after talking to her. I reported that I was being followed to 911 and the car stalking suddenly stopped. I noticed the victim advocate driving by my apartment last night very slowly but it could be unrelated. Now the car stalking by unmarked gov vehicles seems to be starting back up again and I'm unsure of why.
Other possibilities include former neighbors. When I used to interact with them they knew very personal details about me down to my medical history and what I liked to eat, and also knew details about my family that I never shared with them. I started using my phone to order food at a local fast food restaurant, and had been going there every day using the mobile app to order in advance. This restaurant is roughly a 40 minute drive for the former neighbors, yet every time I use my mobile app to order I noticed them arriving in the area at stores across the street at the same time. They would not get out of the car and sat there parked behind the store buildings, watching me.
The husband is ex military and the wife is a paramedic, they are both firefighters and also work as informants for local law enforcement. Other former neighbors told me that they had them investigated by the police because they found out her husband was a recreational weed user, and had the police get a warrant and put him in jail. The neighbor said they allegedly found hidden cameras the other neighbors put up near their driveway zooming in on them and in their house.
My ADHD medication is the 1 thing that I noticed missing on 2 occasions other than a piece of food in my fridge. With a dose taken off my nightstand after coming home one day and then a bite taken out of a dose on another day. I use a pill cutter and alarm and take them the same time each day, so this was odd and out of place and indicated that someone could possibly be snooping in the house. I also noticed smells that sounded like someone had been in the apartment the past few times I've left and came back, with a chemical smell that smelled like a strong mens deodorant scent.
I am fully serious in that I think I might be on some kind of watch list or they might be snooping on me for some reason. I have never been arrested or committed a crime and I do not tell others I am on prescription ADHD medication or that I see a psychiatrist for ADHD, so I'm unsure of how they found find out that info unless they were snooping and happen to come across my meds. The more that I look into gang stalking the more it seems like that could be a piece of what is going on, but would like other input on the situation if you have any. Safety suggestions and privacy suggestions would also be appreciated.
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2021.10.21 18:20 Yoon-Jae Wait, you all call them “hockey pants”?!?!

Just listened to today’s edition of the Jeff Marek hockey show staring Marek and hosted by Jeff Marek, and he said that everyone outside of Minnesota calls breezers “hockey pants”?!?! Since when? And why? They’re not even pants!
Sincerely, confused Minnesotan
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2021.10.21 18:20 mercyapparel Seascape network now has a market place for NFTs where you can buy and sell your NFTs, just go straight to scape store.

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2021.10.21 18:20 C4_S4 Consulta tecnologias

Hace un tiempo vengo trabajando para haciendo reportes para una empresa gastronómica sobre la base de datos del ERP que ellos usan para gestionar la mayor parte de los procesos.
El soft es de desarrollo local, bastante popular en la zona pero dado el bajo interes de los clientes en el manejo de información la compañía no a incursionado en tableros de reportaria o interfaces utiles para el manejo de informacion.
Gracias a la buena voluntad de los dueños del soft que me dieron acceso al servidor con la base de datos (confiando en que no toque ni rompa nada ) he podido crear reportes con redash pero muy limitados dado que no puedo editar, ni crear tablas nuevas solo consultar.
Ahora bien, tengo ganas de crear mi propia base de datos, que traiga la información de la base de datos del software y crear una interface para visualizar informacion, tablas, graficos gestionar niveles de acceso para empleados, etc. Estaba pensando en algo asi como una web app, creo que podria ser lo mas sencillo pera la verdad desconozco. Soy estudiante de sistemas pero no vimos nada de esto todavia, todo lo que se va por autodidacta.
Si alguno me podria orientar en que tecnologias son mas practicas para este proyectito que quiero hacer me seria de mucha ayuda. Preferentemente frameworks de python o JS que es lo que mas manejo.
Capaz es muy ambicioso, no lo se. Pero me tengo fe, Con que me indiquen mas o menos la direccion que tendria que encarar seria mas que suficiente
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2021.10.21 18:20 brekayhel Game rewinding

Has anyone else had the problem today of their game kicking them backward in time during the Deathday quest? It first did it at 2pm after I used a toffee, then again at 4pm when I came back to check my time so I redid everything, and just now at 5:18pm when I came back to check everything I did a second time.
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2021.10.21 18:20 OneEpicPotato222 The 300 Player Test Beta was a Beautiful Mess

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2021.10.21 18:20 Xinorae WIN a NZXT PC valued at $2299 and a Black Desert Starter Pack. (10/31/2021) {WW} See rules for restrictions.

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2021.10.21 18:20 J_Dot_Ting Did the Infinite flights have ray tracing or not?

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2021.10.21 18:20 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-ennio-flaiano-72

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2021.10.21 18:20 Chieliano Hi Everyone! I wanted to raise awareness about project Serum, so I recently made a video (analysis) on Raydium. I try to do analysis as honest and objective as possible, let me know what you think!

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2021.10.21 18:20 Miss-Ex Cross checking GA talks.

I am still part of my neighborhood book group, mostly made up of Mormon women. One of them commented that when she volunteered at The Liahona magazine, one of her tasks was to cross check any story that a General Authority had told on various occasions because “sometimes the story changed a bit”! 😆. Yes that happens when you make shit up!
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2021.10.21 18:20 tghoardtgs Another EPIC fail by Jottacloud! We already showed you the wrong upload of our 10k Mac Apps, where only 250 GB got backup correctly (instead of 1.1-1.2 TB). Here another example about library files: 75% is not backup correctly!

Another EPIC fail by Jottacloud! We already showed you the wrong upload of our 10k Mac Apps, where only 250 GB got backup correctly (instead of 1.1-1.2 TB). Here another example about library files: 75% is not backup correctly! submitted by tghoardtgs to appledatahoarding [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 18:20 Covozi 日本が世界に誇るXvideosソムリエ氏、テスラ・モデル3をお買い上げ!

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2021.10.21 18:20 Explorerdude3232ee r/softwaregore moment

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2021.10.21 18:20 CarelessLawfulness20 World Time Tile Problem

Anyone else having problems with the galaxy watch 4 classic world tile? everytime i try to set a time it tells me to see my phone, i do, and nothing there.
anyone else experiencing this?
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2021.10.21 18:20 SnooMemesjellies806 friday releases!

i’m so hoping we get more older items tomorrow and really keeping my fingers crossed for the twisted smile face paint and the coffin choker necklace, Let’s hope they don’t disappoint us this time 👀
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2021.10.21 18:20 CultureAnxious Brave little trooper

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2021.10.21 18:20 developbc NEWE VIDEO INTERVIEW - HPQ Silicon Officially Commences Commissioning Of Game Changing Pilot Plant With Brand New Process To Produce High Purity Silicon

HPQ Silicon Officially Commences Commissioning Of Game Changing Pilot Plant With Brand New Process.. - YouTube
HPQ Silicon Resources $HPQ $HPQFF is a Quebec-based company that is developing high value-added silicon products that are sought after by battery and electric vehicle manufacturers - but nobody has yet delivered - until now.
If that sounds a lot like what other small companies are saying lately, $HPQ differentiates itself as a leader of the pack thanks to the following:

Earlier today the Company took a major step forward when $HPQ announced it GEN3 PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor Pilot Plant Commissioning Commences as Global Silicon Prices Spike in the Face of Supply Shortage
To understand the importance and the implications of this milestone, this excerpt from the press release says it all:
"The reality of chronic underinvestment in new technologies combined with the offshoring of Silicon production capacity, has created a massive opportunity for HPQ and its PUREVAP™ QRR process, as we are the only company to bring to market a new process to make Silicon that is perfectly suited to the new demands and realities of the Silicon market"
The timing of the commissioning couldn't be better as silicon prices soar due to supply shortages as follows:
“High Purity Silicon (2N+) is in very high demand due to the underlying needs for Silicon as feedstock for Polysilicon (Solar and Electronics), the emerging Batteries sectors, and the more typical industrial Silicone applications, at a time when capacity is simply not available to meet demand. This is a result of several of the old energy intensive plants, mothballed during the Covid pandemic, being not economically or environmentally viable to return online. New greenfield projects will be needed to meet demand, and the PUREVAP™ QRR technology is well positioned to eventually become the industry’s option of choice."
More than just talk, CEO Tourillon stated the following in a previous press release:
"... Subsequent batches will be delivered to the awaiting automobile manufacturers plus numerous other entities that have demonstrated an interest in receiving samples."
Watch this great interview with $HPQ CEO Bernard Tourillon to get the full picture on next steps! HPQ Silicon Officially Commences Commissioning Of Game Changing Pilot Plant With Brand New Process.. - YouTube
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2021.10.21 18:20 Ok_Performance6880 Join the 🔞German-Jizz-Agentur🔞 Discord Server! For free gönnt euch

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2021.10.21 18:20 Lost_Lecture3635 Petition to List Biden Token ($BIDEN) on CoinMarketCap! 📝

Petition to List Biden Token ($BIDEN) on CoinMarketCap! 📝 Hey, I am from the BIDEN Token team and I want to show the team at CoinMarketCap that we fill all the listing criteria and show some of the things we achieved since launch!
We fill the listing criteria✅
1) Cryptoassets
BIDEN's Notable Achievements:
  1. Reach over 1 Million Dollars in trading volume in less than 2 days since launch.
  2. Get through the first phase of our RoadMap and halfway through the second phase (we need CoinMarketCapto fulfill this 💚)
  3. Acquire the BidenScan.com domain where our use case will be built.
  4. Release a preview of how our app will look like (BidenScan.com)
  5. Reach an All Time High of 2 Million Market cap on the day of launch.
The list could go on but these are the main points, here at $BIDEN we are trying to build a secure platform for Meme Coin Investors to have a way of researching contracts and transactions on BSC.
Please forward this to the listing team to reconsider our application and if there is something else we need to do to help us get listed, please let us know and we will fix it ASAP!
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2021.10.21 18:20 Dapper-Ad527 Maddie Lymburner always oats ebook and naturally Nina Selfmade ebook

Hi ☺️ I am looking for Maddie always oats ebook and for naturally Nina Selfmade ebook I have some vegan ebooks so don’t hesitate to ask me in case I have it 🥰 Thank you !
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2021.10.21 18:20 idoacube Based on true events

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2021.10.21 18:20 SwimmingCry Don’t miss the car tag.

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2021.10.21 18:20 TheBerserkProject Victory

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