Top 3 Degen Yield Farming Apps That Can Help Make Big Bags

2021.10.21 17:12 LeomaDegnan Top 3 Degen Yield Farming Apps That Can Help Make Big Bags

Yield Farming has been the most talked about topic in the blockchain industry this year. Investors who had enough potential to face risk jumped right on when the trend hit. Yield farming is the popular strategy DeFi users take advantage of to put their cryptocurrencies to work to earn high interest. One thing to always keep in mind is that never invest in a platform not reliable enough, as there is always a chance for a scam. Do you think it’s a good way of making profits or not?
What basically is Degen Farming?
A Degen farm can be any yield farm that has the potential to give its investors more than 100% APY. For a beginner, 100% might seem a lot but there is to be true no actual limit. The profits can go close to 1000% as well. But as I said earlier, the risk also increases as we deal with high-interest rates.
So, here are some of the most reliable and best Degen Farming Apps that you can actually use to get rich:
1. Mirror Finance (MIR)
Mirror Finance has to be there if any such list is being made. Its MAAPL/UST pair on Uniswap can yield an hourly return of 0.47%. Its annual return is somewhat close to 4,200%, which is more than respectable. How long these rates will remain in place is not something to be sure of but it sure is a great platform.
2. One Cash (ONC)
It is said to be the top DeFi yield farm as of today for One Cash through the Boardroom ONS pool. The contract although not audited, but won’t necessarily deter the majority of Degens from trying it anyway. Investors can at present earn 1.09% hourly, or over 9500% yearly that is however said to come down later.
3. SmartCoin
SmartCoin another great yield farming protocol on Avalanche (AVAX) is an innovative platform for users. They have never failed to make the whole user experience a whole lot safer and easy flowing, while also giving away a perpetually cumulative amount of SmartCoin per day to the community in terms of regular benefits.
Have you been using any other Degen Farming app yourself? Do let me know.
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2021.10.21 17:12 Lon3Wolf_542 I am fricked.

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2021.10.21 17:12 NZKA4 Girantina on me! 5054 8360 6659 be online

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2021.10.21 17:12 Lvarnen Which of these Ideas would work best for a Halloween Side quest?

Hello all,
So I've been running Curse of Strahd and I've had to take a break from DMing due to midterms being hell, but I'm set to DM on the 29th, the last Friday before Halloween. Now I asked my group if they wanted anything special for Halloween, and they said they wanted a side quest. I figure that this is the perfect time to start setting up the Dark Powers and nightmare logic(which I've already begun alluding to) so here are the options I've thought of:
-Having a scaled up Death House pop up on the road. (They skipped it and looking at travel distances, they may arrive at Krezk, their current destination, after nightfall. They don't have the wine so that could be good bait.)
-Having Morgantha, the last surviving Hag, make a deal with the Dark Powers and conjure up a town made of their pasts and nightmares
-Having the mists whisk them away to a very small domain of dread that is exclusively a haunted house and maybe a small town. (I'm thinking of using House of Lament if I do this one but I'd have to adjust it for 5 level 5s and I've never ran it before.)
-Bringing back the first enemy they ever fought in Barovia, the skeletal rider, and playing up his unusual nature as he hunts them down searching for a way out.
Each of these plays up the Dark Powers to different degrees but I'm wondering what you guys think of each of these. In currently leaning towards Death House since I had done some work trying to scale it up when we first started before deciding to abandon it, but I'm more interested in what would be most effective as a horror tool.
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2021.10.21 17:12 Nemo-504 Positive vibes SHIBArmy let’s get it 💪❤️⬆️

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2021.10.21 17:12 BigHoss94 SCJerk when the basement accidentally compliments the Saudi PPV

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2021.10.21 17:12 urbexcemetery Day 130

Hey y'all!
As you can tell, I'm at day 130. The pink cloud has long passed as well as the rainbow and glitter shitting unicorn.
I feel the need to work on my mind at this point and I ordered the Alan Carr book; Quit Drinking Without Willpower.
I've also started listening to the Annie Grace podcasts on my way home from work too.
My question is for those who've read this type of literature: What can I expect to learn and what improvements have they made in your sober life?
Also, y'all are the absolute fucking best. I love you.
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2021.10.21 17:12 daznae Just failed my microeconomics exam

I got a 64% even though I studied the content all week and all morning, and the test grades are the only thing that make up my class grade as a whole. The assignments or anything else don’t have any weight, it’s only the test grades.
The questions were so weirdly worded and confusing. i’m so upset and sad. I only have one more test to take, and then that is my final grade for the semester. I am so scared that I will do bad again. Any tips?
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2021.10.21 17:12 doctorplasmatron Would this be possible to figure out where GME's price _should_ be at?

I was looking at the price action chart today and a thought popped into my smooth brain. I stood there dumbfounded for a bit, as it's rare that a thought beyond "Buy, DRS, hodl, BANANA!!!" enters my head, but there it was, so I am spitting it up here to see if anyone thinks it's interesting/useful/etc.
My thought was "if no one is selling, then each price increase in a 'buy' order, cumulatively, would give some sense of the real price GME should be at". Of course not every 'sell' order is a hedge fund manipulating the price, there's likely a paper handed bitch here and there having to sell a share to make a mortgage payment or somesuch, but overall if we assumed retail is just buying, is there a way to aggregate the buy orders and the price change for that purchase?
If we stacked all those for the last 10 months would it show what the price would be if there were only buy orders for the last 10 months?
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2021.10.21 17:12 fdkorpima $ORIG announced they are a silver sponsor for Wonderland: Miami!

$ORIG announced they are a silver sponsor for Wonderland: Miami! Origin Therapeutics ($ORIG $ORIG.c) is an investment issuer focused on making equity investments in psychedelic-related companies.
It is in the process of getting approved for a CSE listing under the ticker $ORIG.c and it is going to be one of my future picks!
$ORIG will be participating as a silver sponsor in Wonderland: Miami, held on November 8-9, 2021
  • Largest in-person conference on the psychedelic medicine business,
  • Organized by Microdose Psychedelic Insights, a portfolio company of Origin Therapeutics
The psychedelic space is a $100B market opportunity and $ORIG provides investors with diverse exposure into the sector by investing in both public and private companies.
$ORIG investment highlights:
  • Early access to privately held companies
  • Diversified portfolio of companies to maximize exposure while managing risk
  • Powerhouse team with expertise in growing companies
  • Emerging industry with high growth trajectory
$ORIG is looking solid IMO as they provide investors with diverse exposure into the sector, I'd definitely keep an eye out for their IPO!
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2021.10.21 17:12 Jaguaarglm 23M looking for a girl to sext with tonight

Dm me
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2021.10.21 17:12 MiniHellMonkey W: LAST TWO B/E/15r heavy weapons H:Legacies (2:1), Weapons, Armor, PA, Caps, Flux, Junk, Misc items, etc

I am looking for B/E/15r of:
Mini gun
I have weapons, armor, flux, caps, legacies(2:1), junk, ammo, you just let me know!
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2021.10.21 17:12 maddieadair Guaranteed Job Program

There is unemployment yet much work is needed to be done within this great Nation. The homeless cannot simply get jobs. Their shoes, money and belongings are constantly stolen yet the police do nothing to protect them. Showers are also not accessible to the homeless which contributes to them not able to get jobs. In order to combat the homeless and unemployment problem we need a guaranteed job program that creates an easy transition into the workforce.
View Poll
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2021.10.21 17:12 Different-Carrot-171 [Repost] [Academic] (All welcome 18+) Undergraduate Research Survey investigating diet's affect on motivation and neurobehaviors

Please fill out this quick research survey about diet and mental health!!
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2021.10.21 17:12 Holdinonto_me He says he was unsure but he stayed.

My bestfriend (M,22) since school broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years, 6 months back sighting a lot of reasons and one of them being me (F,22). I had broken off contact with him last year because I felt like a side piece with whom he was emotionally cheating with. We aren’t in a relationship but we do get intimate at times and it just gets out of hand.
Now that we are clearing things, I find it really disturbing that he was sleeping with her even when he was thinking of breaking up. He says that the relationship felt like a compromise where he had started to become a different person who was doing everything because he was supposed to and that a part of him felt that his ex didn’t deserve it.
I am skeptical of starting anything with him because I don’t trust him, nor can I ignore his recent past and the things that he did. I a not being able to push him away and neither do I want him close. I’m in a mess because I really like him and probably love him but I am afraid to open my heart to someone who did things he wasn’t sure of.
I really want answers to some questions but they’ll be really inappropriate to ask him. Hence I want to ask them here in general. I’m a virgin and I haven’t had the experience so I maybe wouldn’t have the idea so please help me out without judging or bashing me for it.
How can you have sex with someone you’re dating (who’s really serious about you) and later say that you didn’t feel good? I can understand a casual affair but with someone you’ve been with for 2 years and now that you know that I felt the same feelings, you’re telling me that you weren’t happy with her? Where were your emotions for those 2yrs when you were proclaiming your love for her? Now you’re telling me that the sex towards the end wasn’t good?
I cannot trust him, not just because of the physical part but because of the dishonesty and the lack of respect.
Tl;dr what part does the physical intimacy play in a relationship? Does sex make a huge difference than raw emotions? Is it possible to move on from a relationship of 2yrs in 2months?
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2021.10.21 17:12 KimoroSama Sketch a body, just for fun

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