Petition to add .50 BMG Anti Materiel Rifle for those pesky racoons

2021.12.05 08:02 ZombeSN Petition to add .50 BMG Anti Materiel Rifle for those pesky racoons

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2021.12.05 08:02 Decapitator_Asaemon UWFi The Fight Of Champions 17 (February 1993)

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2021.12.05 08:02 Antigenetic92 Any active UK PS4 groups out there?

UK based player here, 29M, wondering if there's any active UK groups/clans floating about?
On most weekdays after work & weekends; mainly looking for an active group to run daily ops & events & trade with that are more based in my own time zone.
Happy hunting!
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2021.12.05 08:02 Multiple_Nick My cat Oliver

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2021.12.05 08:02 disappointed_lama LF: Palkia touch trade, Bonsly/Sudowoodo, Glameow/Purugly, Misdreavus/Mismagius, Shieldon/Bastiodon FT: BD exclusives, Spiritomb eggs etc.

i am looking for the mentioned pokemon and will give you pretty much anything i can give you
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2021.12.05 08:02 CameronTheBlackGuy2 Hmm Angry Green man you say? How much?

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2021.12.05 08:02 stupid_Bus_4159 i got an idea

how about we use dates on the calendar on the website for the hr password and use the test subjects for the hoo and moo coo or smth
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2021.12.05 08:02 SAtechnewsbot We had no intelligence regarding July riots — Police commissioners

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2021.12.05 08:02 roseeee85 Guilty or not

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2021.12.05 08:02 Ut0tska Best arguments form commies

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2021.12.05 08:02 navizee1 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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2021.12.05 08:02 No_Library7246 Twitter /SvPatrik#0140
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2021.12.05 08:02 emoneyClown Crazy man isn't afraid of heights and taking risks to succeed.

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2021.12.05 08:02 dumdaramastmast Making my own python documentation. is this a good idea?

I am learning python and currently I am busy making my own documentation. I am documenting all the code that I have written(github). I am documenting the concepts that I have learnt from learnpython, stackoverflow, stackexchange, and many other foras. Is this a good idea? What do you say? I think it is good idea tho. I want to learn your views from python gurus. Don't worry I am not adding everything in python documentation LOL. I am just following a youtube course and making notes and documenting my confusions and doubts that's it.
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2021.12.05 08:02 AdorableAd5646 Best Arthurian legends books?

I have just recently read the warlord chronicles by Bernard Cornwall and I absolutely loved them. And now I wish to read more books based around King Arthur and was wondering which next one I should start?
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2021.12.05 08:02 YollowMtUTY Giant The Black Man

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2021.12.05 08:01 tiger_expert she took me back

i was so heartbroken when she broke up with me i became miserable. we’ve been back together now for 2 -3 months, and it’s going well. i just wanted to post to show that it is possible to get back together and i wanted to show my appreciation for this group. i know this sounds bad but seeing that other people are also dealing with a tough breakup helps because i knew i was never alone. good luck !!
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2021.12.05 08:01 infocruncher Awesome Crypto Projects: a sortable list of 3,500+ crypto/blockchain github repositories

Awesome Crypto Projects lists 3,500+ crypto/blockchain related github repositories and the associated 200+ organisations. The repositories can be sorted by stars and other metrics as well as filtered by keywords:
I put the site together to try and better understand where development energy is going in the crypto/blockchain space. Needless to say, I'm blown away be all the activity going on, particularly in the Ethereum ecosystem.
Code is available on github: and raw json data is available for repos and organisations.
It's very much a work in progress and it would be great if you could suggest any missing repositories that should be included to help make it more comprehensive.
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2021.12.05 08:01 some_random_one Levovo IdeaPad Slim 5 Linux support

So i got Basicly a great deal from Lenovo ( IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro Gen 6 (14, AMD)) ryzen7 5800 16gb RAM 1TB ssd
for 80K INR (1000 USD)
My Question is now did Lenovo Ideapad´s worked with Linux in the past or did they have some problems? Some things i have to watch out for? I am worried particularly about wifi and suspension on sleep. I am planning to run it with either elementary OS or Ubuntu basically debian based distros.
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2021.12.05 08:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: llif

llif translates to flow
Fill in missing translations @
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2021.12.05 08:01 oralefoo_carnalgas Would you pick cotton for $30 an hour ?

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2021.12.05 08:01 Zinnsoldat Braustream für Debra

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2021.12.05 08:01 Rouger7 From Greenwich Park, Looking at the National Maritime Museum and Canary Wharf.

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2021.12.05 08:01 Impossible_Sign_6092 What are the character specific equipment and how (other than the highest teir quest) can I get them?

By other than I don't mean how else, I expect that I need to farm, but I've been seeing people say to properly build Ella you need "her necklace" and for Akasha (best girl imo, you know I'm saving for that summer skin) to be viable you need her specific weapon. When I tried looking up a list of equipment, or character specific equipment I couldn't find anything. Is their a place listing all the character specific stuff that I could use? If not, would someone mind replying with what I should be looking for? (I'm mainly building Ella, metamorph., and Celanya with Akasha, Afallen, and flora as my secondary team) I'm only 1 1/2 weeks or so into playing, so thanks for any help in advance.
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2021.12.05 08:01 Efficient-Narwhal873 Don’t forget folks, cars culture is just a use case for the 7 sisters. They are the roots of the problem

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