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2021.12.05 08:34 Arber21 add me

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2021.12.05 08:34 Blastcoitus Which Qb , 6 pt td

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2021.12.05 08:34 GojiKuzilla Anyone feel like the Pachyrhinosaurus is a half the height it should be?

I never realized how short Pachyrhinosaurus was until I put it in an enclosure with Parasaurolophus. When it comes to the database, its lists the Pachyrhinosaurus weight and length at 3 tons and 6 meters respectively. These align closely with the measurements of P. canadensis which is the largest species of Pachyrhinosaurus. But the height is where the problem is, its listed to 1.8 meters tall. Correct me if I'm wrong going based off P.canadensis measurements, it should be 2.8 to 3 meters tall. While it isn't as long as Parasaurolophus, it should be just as tall. Even though the Parasaurolophus is bipedal in this game, the Pachyrhinosaurus is definitely still too short. I think it deserves a growth spurt.
(The database isn't really all that reliable, it lists Chasmosaurus as 3.6 meters tall which is just a tall as Triceratops and 7.5 meters in length even though its the tiniest Ceratopsian in the game? Despite that, the Pachyrhinosaurus in game is definitely too short.)
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2021.12.05 08:34 Appropriate_Guard744 What is the most useful college degree in your opinion?

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2021.12.05 08:34 myusernameu 21 (M4F) LOOKING FOR SOMEONE HORNY OF KINDA SAME AGE

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2021.12.05 08:34 Seaweed_Prudent J’ai besoin d’aide

Salut les khey, je passe ma première commande avec sugargoo en se moment même. J’arrive au paiement de la livraison vers la France, et je vois que le shipping est de 59$ ??????? Pour 1,6kg. C’est moi ou le prix est beaucoup trop élevé ? (Pour info j’ai pris e-ems)
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2021.12.05 08:34 minefactoid Generally I don’t find 100%ing games that fun.

I reckon this is quite unpopular, purely because of the sheer mass of people that do 100% a lot of games, from what I’ve seen, but I just don’t see the appeal a lot of the time. Most of the time, it’s just utterly monotonous and takes away the fun of the game for me.
There are some exceptions to this rule, but that’s only generally when it doesn’t take absolutely forever and isn’t boring as sin, which is rare.
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2021.12.05 08:34 MightyAssassin413 Syndicates are cracked

Syndicates are cracked
I've been playing for less than a month and currently in Silver but I love this game. I've played several autochess games and this might just be the best one so far.
Anyway, I may have rolled lucky in the beginning here but playing syndicates has done wonders for me in the early stages in the game. Either a TF carry with 4 protectors, or syndicates with cracked assassins, I can surely get the pieces I need to at least scale into the latter parts of the game (especially the Syndicate/Assassin Kaisa which is just OP). Does Syndicates still get attention in higher tiers?
Also, in the last game we have an opening draft of nothing by tactician's crown, I've never seen that happen before, how often does that happen?
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2021.12.05 08:34 todellagi This guy is speaking my language

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2021.12.05 08:34 Banana_Fritta Is there a way to disable "Security" notifications?

Especially this type of notification.
My phone is rooted
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2021.12.05 08:34 RexMadDog1209 [XB1] H: JE laserrifel W: U laserrifel offers

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2021.12.05 08:34 YoAmoElTacos Would you allow Extirpate Arcana to extirpate the effects of Arts from Vowed, Thought Nobles, Beastmasters, and Skinshifters? (Here's a clause from Thought Noble that clarifies they do not cast spells, for reference)

Would you allow Extirpate Arcana to extirpate the effects of Arts from Vowed, Thought Nobles, Beastmasters, and Skinshifters? (Here's a clause from Thought Noble that clarifies they do not cast spells, for reference) submitted by YoAmoElTacos to WWN [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 08:34 BakedBeans77 The Dowsing Rod

I am new to Psychonauts after putting off playing it for years. Really was enjoying it until I got the dowsing rod...
I literally stand right where it's glowing and flashing purple and mash Y (playing on Xbox) and I can't manage to get most of the deep arrowheads. It's honestly making me want to stop playing the game.
Any advice? How many arrowheads do I need to just get through the game? I don't want to 100% it or anything. I'm honestly afraid I'll break the Y button at this rate
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2021.12.05 08:34 jajahssjdi Hur höjer jag mig bäst på högskoleprovet?

Hej, jag fick ett uselt resultat på verbala (51/80), och skulle vilja höja mitt resultat på vårens högskoleprov, men behöver en bra strategi. Är redan medveten om att det finns ordlista som man kan träna på, och detta ska kunna hjälpa mig på ord delen, samt meningskomplettering. Men jag fick ett uselt resultat på LÄS (9/20), men gjorde bättre ifrån mig på ELF (16/20), kunde ha varit tur där. Texterna var förvånansvärt lätta, men jag har mest svårt för frågor där man ska klura ut vad författaren försöker säga, då tror jag att det handlar om en djupare förståelse.
Har någon konkreta tips på hur jag kan förbättra mig på verbala överlag, behöver jag bara läsa gamla skönlitterära verk, eller? Har 51/80, och behöver runt 65/80 samtidigt som jag pluggar heltid på komvux.
Fick 9/20 på LÄS, 16/20 på ELF, 13/20 på MEK och ORD. Förhoppningsvis kan jag få minst 14/20 på LÄS, 17/20 på ELF, 16/20 på MEK, och 17/20 på ORD. Detta kommer landa mig på 64. Har någon tips?
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2021.12.05 08:34 deaglerdog Does disabling notifications save battery?

If I disarm the camera, does it save battery? I assume recording video uses battery, but what about push notifications for motion? Same question for entry sensors.
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2021.12.05 08:34 ZJake12 Complained to my clan on 250kc as a joke. RNG was listening, I guess.

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2021.12.05 08:34 Lucky-Conclusion7515 Does anyone know how to fix this?

Every time I try to launch the natural color reshade mod this text pops up. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.05 08:34 brdickman Oi, anjos. Então, daqui a pouco eu vou ter que apagar a minha conta. Mas, antes disso, eu estou vendendo todas as minhas mídias (mais de 400 fotos e vídeos e 16 Packs) por apenas 50 R$. Me chama no chat pra acertarmos detalhes 😘😘

Oi, anjos. Então, daqui a pouco eu vou ter que apagar a minha conta. Mas, antes disso, eu estou vendendo todas as minhas mídias (mais de 400 fotos e vídeos e 16 Packs) por apenas 50 R$. Me chama no chat pra acertarmos detalhes 😘😘 submitted by brdickman to nudsf [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 08:34 Mcwingamer Cant remember a movie name

When i was young i would watch a movie about a lil red 3d animated car, but i cant for the life of me figure put what its called. Its not cars, dont worry, but i watched it around 2010, but i dont know if its much older than that, or if it was released around that year. The cover had a small red cg car (headlights for eyes?) and on a dirt road with trees.
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2021.12.05 08:34 FlexMissile99 Minoxidil-triggered ALS/motor neurone disease - doctors think it's ALS

Hi guys,
I hope you're well and that you're making recoveries. I want to share another update regarding my condition. The good news is that I have finally seen a doctor who now definitely sees the wasting and weakness; the bad news is that they believe, for whatever connective tissue damage I may have sustained from Minoxidil, there is worse on the horizon - they believe I may have ALS. That's the disease that Stephen Hawking had. It's a death sentence, within a few years usually. You slowly become completely paralysed and die due to failure breathing.
Those of you who have followed my story will know why I am now being considered for this. My problems began when I took a large dose of Minoxidil to my face and experienced a stark change in the texture of the skin throughout my body - it went doughy and gooey. I also experienced numbness and weakness in my lower bowels. Two years of just generally feeling ill but no real change went by and then I suddenly lost the ability to burp normally, then vomit - all the while becoming increasingly constipated - then my swallowing went, only to then sort of recover and then steadily decline again. My symptoms are too myriad to name but include full body muscle twitching (literally every muscle in my body) which has been gong on for two and a half years now and wasting of my muscles and spasticity, tightness and progressive weakness. I drop things frequently. I have absolutely no core strength. I struggle to hold up my neck.
On paper the chances of me having ALS are literally 1 million to one. Yet my doctors are becoming increasingly concerned because I really do fit all the symptoms. Several doctors have commented on clinical muscle weakness now and confirmed my symptoms. We're well past the point of 'it could be in your head'. I am about to see a neurologist for their assessment and the dreaded EMG which should rule in, or out, ALS. I actually had one ages ago just as my symptoms were beginning and the doctor said it was clean. However, I have seen looked at a copy of the test myself and it was not: they detected fasciculations to go with brisk reflexes. It looks like they just assumed because of my age (I'm mid 20s) I could not have it and so missed potentially significant signs.
But I guess I will get the final word in the coming weeks/months, when I get my appointment. To those of you taking Minoxidil or having side effects, please pay attention to your health. If it is shown that I do indeed have ALS, which would almost certainly then have been induced by Minoxidil, I will be publishing a study and going public with it (newspapers etc.). Hopefully, this - if the worst is confirmed - will raise some awareness about the true nature of Minoxidil, and shred the false image that it is little more than a skin lotion.
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2021.12.05 08:34 bwwaaahhhhh Due to the priceless humor here, no money, at all.

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2021.12.05 08:34 bufleica Sarah Vandella

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2021.12.05 08:34 fatfaggot2 Suggestion for the MOAB assassin/eliminator ability: Targeting mode for the assassination ability where you can choose either to target the the fastest MOAB or target the strongest MOAB

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2021.12.05 08:34 GumoGuy ITAP of my Cat

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2021.12.05 08:34 tedtalks888 Nectar reopening

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