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2022.01.26 09:10 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.26 09:10 hotsaucelasagna Did anyone witness a vehicle vs bicycle accident at Calvine and Elk Grove Florin (South Sac) yesterday morning?

My brother was the bicyclist and we are having a hard time getting any information from police. Any information is helpful. Thanks.
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2022.01.26 09:09 thatguyinfront I SPECIALIZE IN MATHEMATICS & STATISTICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY. HIRE ME FOR YOUR QUIZZES, ESSAYS, TESTS, ASSIGNMENTS AND LAB REPORTS AND GET AN A. Venmo/cash app/PayPal accepted. CONTACT ME THROUGH: Email; archimedesthegenius@gmail.com. Call/Text +1(815)483-2891 Disc-Archimedes#4076

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PHYSICS: Motion and forces, Conservation of energy and momentum, Electricity and magnetism, Heat, Vibration and Waves, Gravity, Math, Forces, Work, energy and power, Momentum, Thermodynamics, Angular momentum, Optics and Relativity.
CHEMISTRY: Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Spectroscopy, Quantum Mechanics, Reaction rates, Organic Chemistry, Collision Theory and Activation Energy, Medicinal Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Electrochemistry, Periodic Table, Solutions and Mixtures, Acids, Bases and Indicators.
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My prowess in the fields is tested, tried and proven and can get you the best grade in any given task. You will never regret working with me. Please contact me through; Email: archimedesthegenius@gmail.com Call/Text: +1(815)483-2891 DISCORD: Archimedes#4076
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2022.01.26 09:09 Cycode Dog oppression of cats ends today!

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2022.01.26 09:09 Anaagueiro Ficção De Fã - O Filme

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2022.01.26 09:09 DiboHaha Trinity changes

Do you think the new trinity changes will make it a better item for Xin? What should it be comboed with? What are your toughts?
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2022.01.26 09:09 SingleAndSuccessful /r/hardbodies/ banned due Excessive Copyright Violations

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2022.01.26 09:09 Ok_Preference_8651 Just got recommended this.. Weird channel funny video

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2022.01.26 09:09 Wide-Bobcat-6411 I love julius

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2022.01.26 09:09 andrewh83 Todays around the house and workshop EDC - Pocket Toolkit.

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2022.01.26 09:09 desterzer Lukatdisfotograf

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2022.01.26 09:09 Niko133 Gorgeous

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2022.01.26 09:09 JCnGGd32 Gift Giving Party Help

I’ve just recently got back into sims 3 over my break. I had my family wish for a gift giving party. It all started out fine - the gift pile showed up in a spare room I haven’t filled yet. Everyone went in and put presents on the pile. After eating, I had the wife call everyone to open presents.
At that moment, she went to the bathroom to throw up (pregnant). Then everyone simultaneously got a thought bubble that showed the door and an x (can’t fit through?). Then everyone just started doing other things (dancing, etc).
I removed the wall to the room to make space, but I could not interact with the pile again, because it said “you have already called everyone to open gifts”.
I saved and exited at this point. Is there anything I can do to get it to work, or just delete the pile and end the party?
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2022.01.26 09:09 msr00709 No one will repost, right?

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2022.01.26 09:09 YVAN_EHT_NIOJ_321 A Perspective on Vaccines from an Anti-Psychiatry Person. Trigger Warning

I will preface this by saying that this is a very controversial subject that is often politicized but I want to come at this from someone who has been abused by the medical system like so many of us on this Reddit have been. Whatever your convictions are about the subject, I hope you will read this through the eyes of sympathy, knowing the horrors of psychiatry.
So, this whole pandemic of COVID-19 has thrown the whole world into making more serious decisions about what everyone will do regarding their health. Vaccine or no vaccine. Compliance to the governments directions or doing what you see fit for your own health. Now, as someone who has been forced into the hospital and drugged on what some of us would consider poison, it has caused me to stop and reflect on what really may be going on here.
Does the FDA really have our best interest in mind knowing the drugs they approved that nearly killed me? The answer is no. From my perspective they are bought out by the same companies that produce these same pharmaceutical psychiatric meds that disable people. The same companies that make our favorite medicine like Zyprexa, Lamactil, Latuda, etc… THEY are the ones making the vaccines that get shot into our veins?
I am by no means speaking for all of the people here on this Reddit and I don’t doubt the vaccines may have some effectiveness in some people. That being said, many of us here I would assume are skeptical as I about the legitimacy of these vaccines which have not gone through any kind of placebo trials. You can be assured these doctors and companies are out to make big money.
What I see happening now is that a whole lot of people are now waking up to the abuse of the whole pharmaceutical system we have in the world. My mother is now suffering neurological damage from what I see as being caused by the vaccine and she is just now starting to realize these manufacturers are not to be trusted. What many of us have been telling others for so long that these drugs are killing us is now becoming a revelation to a whole lot of people. The CDC has now confirmed 21,000 cases of Myocarditis (heart damage) from the vaccines. That is indisputable. 21,000 people have permanent heart damage that may now lead to heart attacks and premature death in the future.
In a way I’m glad I already went through with what I did so it could spare me the possibility of suffering terrible side effects from vaccines. I am taking control of my own health. Protecting myself as best I can and others around me without having to submit myself again to any quacks Pseudoscience of and an “mRNA” vaccine. Holistic medicine all the way for me now. I may take an aspirin or ibuprofen here and there when needed but as a general rule I’d rather go with a natural, homeopathic remedy than having to roll the dice again with these kinds of people.
I hope you all see my view on the matter and are able to make up your own mind as to how you want to proceed with your health. If this gets taken down, so be it but I wanted my voice on here of all places where there may be some sympathizers to my perspective.
submitted by YVAN_EHT_NIOJ_321 to Antipsychiatry [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 09:09 swan001 TIL In 2017, scientists began a global search to find a mate for Jeremy, a rare left-coiled snail. Since his shell coiled in the opposite direction of most snails, his organs couldn't align with others. Two contenders were found, but they mated with each other instead of Jeremy.

TIL In 2017, scientists began a global search to find a mate for Jeremy, a rare left-coiled snail. Since his shell coiled in the opposite direction of most snails, his organs couldn't align with others. Two contenders were found, but they mated with each other instead of Jeremy. submitted by swan001 to FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 09:09 SaigoBattosai It’s such a waste of time.

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2022.01.26 09:09 kantthinkuvone George's brother?

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2022.01.26 09:09 DrKud0s Any experience with IUI and thin endometrial/uterine lining?

Hi all,
Thanks for a great forum, I'm learning so much from you sharing your experiences!
First post, non-native, all the apologies.
So I had my first medicated IUI Sunday. Was scanned Friday prior where they determined that the endometrial thickness wasn't as great as they would like (4.8 vs desired minimum of at least 7 or 8). We decided to go ahead anyway (if nothing else, then to do a trial run - I'm in a country where I only pay for medication and if I want a donor with more extended info). They said if this IUI doesn't work, we can try one more time and see how it develops next cycle, but then they would recommend IVF if it didn't improve. I'd rather not do IVF, sounds so invasive.. But they also said that it's not impossible, just not ideal, and maybe this is just how my body works. I'm so confused, I have no idea whether it's more unlikely than likely to influence the outcome.
Anyone with experience with IUI and thinner endometrial lining? Any success with a thin uterine lining?
I kind of feel like my boobs are a bit sore, but I guess that might as well be the hormones or even PMS.. three days post-IUI isn't enough for pregnancy symptoms (right?). Trying not to get my hopes up, but you know how it is.
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2022.01.26 09:09 PrinceDas1234 ||What is the true knowledge of Holy Quran?|| ||To know, Read the Sacred Book 'Musalman nahi samjhe gyan Quran'.|| ||For more information, visit 'Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj' YouTube Channel.||

||What is the true knowledge of Holy Quran?|| ||To know, Read the Sacred Book 'Musalman nahi samjhe gyan Quran'.|| ||For more information, visit 'Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj' YouTube Channel.|| submitted by PrinceDas1234 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 09:09 c0ppo Thinkpad P1 Gen4 + LG 5K

I'm a thinkpad + mac user. Just got my P1 gen4 (RTX A2000) 4K. Everything is great and works like a charm. Except my LG Ultrafine 5K screen.

P1 simply doesn't recognize it at all. I'm connecting it via Thunderbolt port of course. Now, my wife uses X1 Carbon 7th gen. When I connect that to LG display, everything works like a charm. My macbook works as well.

Only my P1 doesn't work. Nothing happens, P1 simply refuses to recognize the display. Under Windows 11 no TB devices are attached, so it says. With an error message 'usb device not recognized'.

Under PopOS same thing. Simply refuses to work. I even tried disabling hybrid graphics under bios. No luck at all.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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2022.01.26 09:09 LoveMangaBuddy Read Liming Zhi Jian - Chapter 49 - MangaBuddy

... Read Liming Zhi Jian - Chapter 49 - MangaBuddy. Read more at https://mangabuddy.com/liming-zhi-jian/chapter-49
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2022.01.26 09:09 itz_kiwiiiii Finally unlocked celestial and hypogrean towers!

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2022.01.26 09:09 someoddnonhuman firefoxhosts: list of telemetry urls in firefox for hosts file

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2022.01.26 09:09 stefsteXD 女玩家们,不要被代表了!征集女玩家版申诉文案

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