Gabapentin while sick in covid?

Official website | The Rocking-est Show You'll See | News, Live, Videos, Music Is salt making you sick Here are the facts JavaScript is required We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. SICK | Sensor Intelligence We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The amount of paid sick leave an employer is required to provide depends on the number of employees they have and the employer’s net annual income. If your employer does not provide the required paid sick leave, you may file a complaint with the NYS Department of Labor. View updated guidance on the use of COVID-19 Sick Leave (1/20/21)*

2022.01.26 08:40 holyredbeard Gabapentin while sick in covid?

I am home sick in Covid since a couple of days. Quite high fever and was wondering if Gabapentin would work as a symptom reliver?
Or is it obly stressig the body and makes it all worse?
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2022.01.26 08:40 aqnayab123 Avail The AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Program

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2022.01.26 08:40 lazarus_is_dead Chewing Plants & Throwing Up!

My cat is 7 years old and i just adopted him two and a half months ago. he's nice and very friendly. very vocal. lately ive been having some trouble with him. at night, he likes to chew on leaves and i wake up to him throwing it up a few minutes later. ive been trying to make him stop, do you guys have any advice?
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2022.01.26 08:40 imactuallyexisting I was bored in class

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2022.01.26 08:40 Solid-Leadership-874 all the time it tells me that when I play and it doesn't enter the game

all the time it tells me that when I play and it doesn't enter the game
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2022.01.26 08:40 TZ61 Those wallscrolls from GAYA are quite impressive i must say.

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2022.01.26 08:40 GibiGivi Ph.D. Confusion

Hello, friends
I am a little bit confused and I need your input on this.
So, I am a junior chemistry major, B.S. 3.99 GPA, working in an analytical lab industry job as a chemist, part time. Overall doing ok.
The next sensible step in my life seems to be a Ph.D. I am considering something along the lines of inorganic/analytical.
The part where the confusion comes in is the job market after I hopefully get my Ph.D. From what I've read on the internet, on this subreddit is that there are very few opportunities for Ph.D. chemists in the industry and if there are some, they are extremely underpaid and underappreciated. This has me extremely worried about even going for a Ph.D. One of the reasons I want to get a Ph.D. is that I want to properly advance in my career and hopefully create a better life for myself. But I haven't heard much of that on the internet. It all seems to be a huge slump.
I have the motivation to go through 5 years of hell because I really enjoy chemistry and want to learn more. But at the same time, I don't want to be an unemployed chemist with a Ph.D. in my late twenties:) The job I have right now is not a position I want to be stuck in forever. It serves its purpose for now but the pay is just meh and there's no room for advancement in my lab.
What is your guys' experience in the industry? Is going for a Ph.D. worth it in the long run? Any advice?
(I am an international student btw)
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2022.01.26 08:40 MeowingDog_SendHelp Blursed_ yea so my friend sent me this

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2022.01.26 08:40 i-am-r00t Won't move my classes and refusing to give me back my money? Fine by me, I'll just use your procedures

This one is not mi but my SO's and it's short and sweet.
We're living abroad, she's doing her master's and studying the local language at her university. The language classes are paid-for and they push you to sign up (and pay) for the next level during the course of the current one. All you have to do is pass the exam - although if you fail, you get your money back and you can retake the exam to start later.
She found out that the university has classes that are conflicting with the language classes. So of course the language classes are secondary in priority. She calls to reschedule the language classes but gets denied. They offer to refund 75% of her money and hold the rest as administrative fees IF there's someone else to take her place.
So instead of losing her money and trying to reason with them, she just failed the test instead and got her money back.
She'll sign up later for the next level when there are no scheduling conflicts and that test is going to be free as an intake exam.
tl;dr language classes won't accommodate for conflicting schedules with the university they're a part of and refuse to refund. But deliberately failing still gets you a refund.
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2022.01.26 08:40 tassassi Can you hear the pictures?

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2022.01.26 08:40 lordsuha Survival of the Fittest-With or Without Patriot?!

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2022.01.26 08:40 Complete-Falcon-1631 NFTWorldBirds

NFTWorldBirds Hello all! I've created my first NFT collection. If you are interested or courious you can have a look. You can check it out here:
10 000 unique items and the floor price is 0.005 ETH.
Join my twitter account:
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2022.01.26 08:40 throwawayDnDBf My(M19) boyfriend (M19) plays way too much DND and it feels like I never see him anymore

I originally posted this in AmITheAsshole but it got deleted for some stupid reason, and a commenter suggested I post here.
I have known my boyfriend for about three years and have only been dating him for about three months. Before I got with him I knew he liked D ND, but he would only play or run one campaign at a time and would basically only do it once a week before we had gotten together, and I thought that was manageable, 5 hours a week where he wants to go unbothered? No problem! But recently I've noticed he keeps picking up more campaigns, currently running one and playing in about 4, every week, 5-7 hours a session(which is the standard session time). I play DND too, but am not interested in any of these campaigns. About 5 days out of the week for more than half the time we see each other he's playing DND. He usually plays from about 5PM-10 PM when it's not cancelled (which is rare), but I go to school and get home at about 3:30, really only giving us an hour and a half (or sometimes less if I have homework) to talk on any day that he plays because I also have a decent sleep schedule and barely ever stay up past 11PM. Before anyone worries about Covid exposure, he plays online and requests I basically never talk to him when he's playing. I feel like that's understandable, but at the same time this just seems like too much. I want to clarify, as this was an issue in my first post, I want him to keep playing and enjoying his hobby, but I just want him to cut down so we can spend more than two days a week together. What do I do Reddit?
TL;DR- My boyfriend plays dnd like 5 times a week and I feel overshadowed
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2022.01.26 08:40 AnonRetro Hacking the Nintendo Wii Mini | MVG [Including online functions and GameCube compatibility]

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2022.01.26 08:40 ChirpingSparrows Azim Premji University gets together with CIA-linked Ford Foundation funded CJP run by Teesta Setalvaad and Gauri Memorial Trust or "Hate as State" project. Also invited UAPA accused Safoora Zargar who gave speeches "Delhi tere khoon se lenge azadi" in run upto Delhi riots.

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2022.01.26 08:40 FGCTonyIRL [A4A] Bonding With Your Boss [F4A Format] [Roleplay Audio Script Offer] [Soldier Bossy Speaker X Nomad Fighter Listener] [Friends] [Teasing] [Amnesia] [Lore Dump] [TWD] [Arc Two] [Part 8]

Note: Before using this script to your channel, please go to this link for rules
Incase you missed it, here's a guide of this series and other Roleplay Audio scripts.
Summary: Today, you spend another day with your boss who has been keeping an eye on you ever since you we’re brought in to a new home. From just another day turned into a day of bonding with each other. Will she able to help you remember who you are?
(Whenever I write a chapter for this series, I feel like I have to put in twice as much effort into this story because instead of a regular Roleplay Audio script, it’s like an audio book because I have to add lore in the characters and their location to describe where the listener is and what has changed between the time gaps while getting the speaker and the listener to get together. But hey that’s the challenge I put myself into. Put yourself under pressure but don’t crack under it.
I still enjoy writing this series and I can’t wait for the culmination but it is unlike any story that I have written to the point I’m not writing an eighteen part series anytime soon after this. Still at least my vision for this story hasn’t changed at the time that I’m writing this: a love triangle between two speakers from two different lives with the same listener in the zombie apocalypse.
That said I hope you enjoy this chapter.)
Samantha and Buddy have been living in the same house in separate rooms for three months since Buddy was sent here after they we’re found in the cabin on that day. When they we’re brought in, they we’re sent by the Council with Samantha pleading their case on why they should stay. The Council was divided by the decision of whether they should stay or go. After their deliberation, the Council decided that Buddy can stay with a few conditions.
Ever since then, the two have been stuck together making sure that Samantha is doing her part while Buddy is doing what they’re being told by her. Fast forward to now, Samantha makes her way to Buddy’s room early in the morning so that they can start with their chores for today.
“Hey Boomer!” (knocking the door) “You ready to go or do I have to drag you out of your room?” Samantha opened the door and knocked on it to get Buddy’s attention who is still getting ready for today.
‘Alright just give me a second here.’
“Well hurry up then, we’re on a tight schedule today!” She said impatiently.
‘Look I didn’t know we’re going out there today.’
“What do you mean you didn’t know it was today? I specifically told you last night that we need to get some sleep early because you and I are assigned to go outside today to clean up the bodies outside the front gate.” She explained.
‘Look we’ve done a lot of chores yesterday, why not just ask help from anyone else?’ Buddy said looking for an excuse.
“Why not just ask help from anyone else? One, you’re my responsibility and two everyone else is busy doing their own jobs for today. When The Council agreed to let you stay here in Heartstrong Village as one of us, the condition of your stay is that I will be here following your every move to assist each other until the town has earned your full trust. If I’m busy you follow me instead. Shit, I had to let you live at my house with your own room just to keep an eye on you.” Samantha said.
‘It’s been three months I’m not going to do something stupid.’
“I know it’s been three months but some people here still don’t trust you walking around on your own. I’m glad you’re being friendly to the people here and offering your helps and services to them even though some of them are still giving you the stink eye.” She tries to praise them while making them comfortable.
‘That bad huh?’
“It’s not that bad plus their reason is justified. Trust is fragile after all. We’re not the only groups out there and one of our own was branded as a traitor before I brought you here.” She reminded them.
‘Wait you never told me about that. What happened?’
“What happened to him? He was caught stealing vegetables and crops to our opposition from Coral Village without our knowledge for months. We then sent him to our jail for the time being. When we asked why he was stealing from us is because he said that his wife was taken by The Scrappers and the only way to get her back was sending enough food for them without telling us. So we went after this group and asked where she was, when we found out that she was dead, we warned them, and they threatened us by killing us so we killed every single last one of them. When we got back and we told him what happened, he lost it. He tried to kill one of our own, we killed him first because the last thing we need is another trouble maker that will waste our food with zero contribution.” Samantha said telling the story which is also a warning to Buddy.
“Now you know why I have to keep an eye on you. We don’t want these people to give them the impression of you sticking around for your selfish needs.”
‘Wait a minute... is it because you care about me?’ Buddy stopped what they we’re doing and looked at her with a slight smile on their face.
“No? Not because I care about you. I don’t care if I lose you or not, I’m doing this for my own reputation. I stuck my neck out there for you, at least help me in return. Besides if I didn’t find you back at the cabin, you would’ve been bleeding still until you pass out like a stray dog and someone could’ve kidnapped you or maybe killed so you’re welcome for saving you.” Samantha explained.
“Also, for the record no matter how many times you ‘saved my life’ as you like to call it these past three months, I still don’t trust you. Not while you’re keeping secrets from me, not until you tell me everything I need to hear about you.” She added.
‘What about your back story? When are you going to tell me that?’ Buddy said resuming getting themselves ready for today now holstering their utility belt.
“What do you mean what about my back story? There’s nothing important about me that you need to know because I’m not the one who is in question between us.” She starts getting annoyed.
‘Ma’am I told you about this but-‘
“I know you keep saying that you don’t remember shit but sooner or later, those memories will come back to haunt you and when they do, when your whole demeanor change, I’ll know. Besides, if you truly are an innocent person, then you have nothing to hide, much less leave the Village.” Samantha said making sure that they know this about her.
Buddy is yawning because of how early it is right now when they should still be asleep.
“Yawning already huh? You look like you didn’t get enough sleep last night. What did I tell you about leaving this house staying up all night?” She scolded them.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’
“I know what you’ve been doing, and I know what’s keeping you awake. But I’m not going to force you into telling me what that is until you remember and you’re ready to talk. I maybe a bitch at times towards you, but I just want you to be okay.” She said sincerely.
‘I want you to be okay as well... thanks for making it clear’
“Don’t mention it. Now come on, the rest of the group is waiting for us. We need to carry the biters in front of the gate and bring them at the pickup truck then we have to go to the edge of town to burn the bodies.”
‘You mean the Walkers?’
“I am not calling them Walkers, that’s stupid. Now let’s go, we have a full day ahead of us.”
Buddy, Samantha, Trixy and Tom are outside of the Heartstrong main gate collecting Walkers in their front gate to be delivered to their usual spot to burn them. While Trixy and Tom are more than halfway done, Buddy and Samantha are almost done with one last body to be carried to their own truck.
“Okay we’re almost done Boomer, just be careful with this one so that we don’t accidentally pull their limbs off. On the count of three: One... two... three!” Samantha counted as both of them worked together to lift the body and delivered it to their truck.
They successfully got their side of the front gate clean while the others are still working giving them time to catch their breaths.
“Alright, our side of the front entrance is done now we wait for them to finish with theirs then we go.” She said while panting as they both remove their gloves from their hands.
Meanwhile Buddy just looked at her with an annoyed face.
“What? Why are you making that face?” She caught them making that face.
‘Are you really going to call me Boomer?’
“That’s what’s making you upset? I’m not going to call you Buddy because it feels weird. Not saying we aren’t buddies but as long as you don’t remember your past and not telling me, I’ll keep calling you Boomer.” She said with an as-a-matter-of-factly tone.
‘Well I find it offensive.’
“Hey come on it’s not that offensive. Plus you don’t seem to hate it.” She told Buddy.
‘Not like I have a choice.’
“You’re right, you don’t have that much of a choice either (giggle).” She hid her giggle by covering he mouth with her hand from them making sure they didn’t hear or see that.
‘Why not just call me Buddy?’
“I could call you by your real name but where’s the fun in that?” She smirked at that.
‘Well if you’re going to give me a name like Boomer, then I should have a nick name for you as well.’
“Oh you’re going to give me a nickname as well? You get one chance and it better be good.” Samantha reminded them.
Buddy then stood in silence trying to think of a great nickname in their head. There are other names they could call her like Officer Bitch but they didn’t want to get their ass kicked right now.
“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? Or you can’t think of a good one right now?” She teased them.
‘I’ll think of something good when it finally comes to me.’
“Yeah just as I thought. Keep thinking you boomer.” She said.
‘Are you always such a bitch?’
“Am I always acting like a bitch? Only when I’m being friendly. I guess you could label us as friends even though I still don’t know much about you. Also when we’re outside or we’re doing work like right now, you’ll still address me as your superior.” She reminded them.
‘Do I have to?’
“Yes you have to. Discipline and following orders here is important especially if you want to make an impression to these people.” She pointed at Trixy and Tom who are almost done by now.
‘You really are such a boss huh?’
“What can I say? You really think I wear camouflage clothes because it looks good on me?”
‘... Yes?’
“Don’t tell me you forgot who I was already. I told you I was part of the army before all of this. God, we need to find you some medicine for your goldfish memory.” She quipped.
‘Ouch. Am I really that insufferable?’
“No I’m sorry I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make fun of you like that at all but come on, these people are asking who you are and all I can say is you’re some guy I found in the woods. That’s not enough to go around. Do you want to be known as Boomer Jones that got lost in the forest?” Even with the jokes, she was serious.
‘Does it really matter who I am to these people?’
“Yes it matters to them about who you are. You’ve been doing great so far ever since you got here. We don’t want you to be known as a stranger forever. Unlike other groups, we don’t treat people like slaves or pieces of shit. We may be fighters but we still look after one another.” She was being sincere now.
‘What about the other guy you told earlier?’
“What about that other guy I told earlier? Well punishment must fit the crime it doesn’t matter who you are. In this world, its blood for blood according to The Council. If it’s a fist fight because of a disagreement, we’ll break it up and let them settle it as professionals . If you refuse, we’ll fight back. You try to kill one of our own, we kill you. Hurting someone with a weapon intentionally, you’ve got to go.”
‘Jesus, talk about a threat.’
“It’s not a threat, it’s our law. Just because the world is shit, doesn’t mean we’ll act like savages. Rules are nothing if you don’t implement a punishment.” She made a point there.
‘Well what about second chances? Clearly they don’t deserve to die in their first wrongdoing.’
“Second chances? Hah! You’re funny. Maybe one second chance sure. It’s hard to give someone second chances when you know they can do it again when the opportunity strikes.” She said with sadness as if she remembers a bad memory.
“Okay, enough about that and how about this? While we wait for you to remember who you we’re no matter how long we have to wait, what is the one thing that we can call you that is convincing enough for our people to rely on you when they need help? I don’t want them to call you as ‘You!’ and ‘Come Here!’” She changed the subject before they pressed questions to her.
‘Why not just call me Buddy? Everyone else calls me that.’
“I know people are calling you Buddy as well but come on, you need a better name than that.”
‘You can call me Survivor.’
“You want to be known as survivor? I mean aren’t we all? Try another one.”
‘The Fighter?’
“We’re all fighters as well, how do you think we made it this far three years in when the world changed?”
‘How about The Guy with a Gas Mask or Gas Mask Guy... or The Mask?’
“’The Guy with a Gas Mask’ doesn’t sound or look friendly either. Why haven’t you gotten rid of that yet?”
‘Okay okay... how about... The Nomad?’
“The Nomad isn’t a bad name but if you stay here, that kind of defeats the purpose of the name.”
‘Why are you making this a big deal anyway?’
“Why am I making this a big deal? Because you have nowhere else to go and... I don’t want you to feel alone even though you have to follow me around but that’s not going to last forever. Besides, aren’t you getting tired of me berating you every day?” She asked with a hint of concern hoping she’s not that annoying to them.
‘Not really because... it feels like I’ve been in this situation before.’
“No because it feels like déjà vu? So you’re starting to remember?” She got excited about that more so than she would like to admit.
Buddy then explained to her about someone was looking out for them when the world changed, that they would always have Buddy’s back and would never each other behind.
“You remember someone caring for you when the world changed. Do they have a name? Are they even alive?” Now she was getting intrigued.
Buddy tried their hardest to remember what they know so far about the beginning, about a group that they joined, and their adventures on their own throughout the years.
“You know, you describing what you know so far from your past feels like you’re lying to me... but like I said, I’ll know when you’re lying so don’t even try.”
‘I swear if I remember any memories, I will tell you when we’re alone.’
“Oh I know you’ll get your mind back on track. I’ll be here when you remember all of it.” She said with confidence.
Samantha then looks at the other two companions that they have and they’re about to be done. So she decided to approach both of them.
“Hmm, looks like Trixy and Tom are done. Come on.” She said to Buddy as they make their way towards their direction.
Trixy and Tom just finished collecting the dead Walkers and they’re now taking a small break.
“Well, about damn time the two of you are finished.” Samantha spoke up.
‘Okay that was not fair. We had more bodies on our side than yours.’ Trixy said.
“It’s not because there are more bodies on your side Trixy, it’s because we work faster. So we won and you know the rules.” She said to them.
‘You could’ve helped us you know.’ Tom commented.
“We could’ve helped, but I remembered that you two turned this into a competition every time when it was between the four of us when it doesn’t have to be. Well be careful what you wish for. This time, we won and you lost so you guys got some bodies to barbecue by yourselves.” Samantha declared.
‘We demand a recount.’ Tom added.
“’We demand a recount’ he says. Come on, let’s try to be finished here before lunch.” Samantha said as she makes her way to her and Buddy’s truck.
“Let’s go Boomer. We get to guard these guys and kill some biters while they do all the work.”
‘Will you stop calling me Boomer?’
“Nope, I’m still calling you Boomer.”
‘Also, they’re called Walkers!’
“Nope, I’m still not calling them Walkers.”
They have arrived in one of the main roads of their town which is known as their usual location of them burning the dead bodies. While Tom and Trixy are dragging the bodies to prepare the burning process, Buddy and Samantha are killing the Walkers that followed them. While many, they are still spaced out so they we’re able to kill them one by one.
(Killing Walkers + Knife + Bat sound effects)
“You need help over there?” Samantha said while fighting the Walkers with her getting another one with her knife.
‘No, I got it.’ Buddy responded as they eliminated twelve Walkers without breaking any sweat.
After they cleared the area, Samantha was panting still in disbelief with what Buddy can do.
“See, this is one of the reasons why I’m having trouble trusting you. You don’t know your past, and you look like a sad, confused, lonely puppy without realizing it but you kill these dead beats with a knife and baseball bat like a pro. Are you really sure you’re not a soldier or something?”
“You just charged in and killed twelve of them on your own with no fear while I killed six on my side micro managing them”
‘What can I say? I’m a natural.’
“Oh it’s natural. Uh huh. Sure that believable.” She said with a flat tone not believing a single word.
‘So... do we have to carry these to the bonfire?’
“No, we don’t have to carry these to the bonfire. We’ll let the smell of their corpse linger so that the biters won’t know that we’re here until the fire starts.” Samantha explained.
They stood there in silence for a while until Buddy suggested they should sit down for a while.
“You want to sit down for a bit? We can do that. Let’s sit over there, that way we can watch the road here without worrying of getting shot in the head.”
Samantha and Buddy made their way to the side of the road behind one of the abandoned cars to just sit down and be on the lookout while they catch their breath. The two sat in silence for a bit just waiting for something interesting to happen. When Samantha got bored, she let out a huge sigh.
“(deep breath) (sigh)” Samantha put out there.
‘Penny for your thoughts?’ Buddy chimed in.
“Penny for my thoughts? Do you have a penny with you?” She asked mockingly.
‘No I don’t have a penny.’
“Thought so. (giggle).” She laughed a little at that. She then looked at what was in front of her and realized where she was. Then comes the memories that comes along with this place before the world was destroyed.
‘What is it? You’re really in deep thinking over there.’
“Oh nothing. It’s just... I remember when my town wasn’t abandoned, or destroyed, or quiet.” Samantha said quietly.
‘Wait... you grew up here and you didn’t tell me?’ Buddy was surprised.
“Yeah I uh... I grew up here. This city was my childhood, and it’s still my home.” She said sadly.
‘Got any good stories about this place?’
“You want me to tell you my story about this place when you can’t even give me yours in detail? I told you, there’s nothing important you need to know about me.” Samantha insisted.
‘Come on just one story, who knows that may trigger something in my memories.’
“You believe that if I tell you my story, you may remember pieces from your past?” Samantha knew this is bullshit but hey better than sitting around doing nothing.
“What if I told you my story, then you didn’t remember what happens then?” She questions them.
‘I don’t know... try again?’
“No, I’m going to beat your ass. Are you sure about this?”
‘Come on its just one story. Please?’
“ God damn you. I can’t say no with those puppy eyes. I guess it’s worth a shot. If me telling my story will help you remember who you we’re, I’m game.”
Samantha then is trying to think of a good memory while taking deep breaths.
“Okay... Good memory before the world went to shit...”
She sat there in silence thinking while her and Buddy are scanning the area for any potential signs of trouble in their direction.
“Okay here’s one: When I was a kid, I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons on TV with my brother. He had his favorite show which is about anime cards, I have mine about a group of teenagers turns into space cops. It was our favorite part of the day because we had something to look forward to after a long week of school where we would watch our shows together, not worrying about homework or chores. Then it was announced that the show I was watching was doing a meet n greet at the mall so I got excited. I asked our parents if we can go to the mall to see them, they said yes and drove us there.
When we made it to the mall, we saw them at the main stage on the main floor doing a performance show then signing autographs later. My father was kind enough to wait in line for me while my mom and I played for a bit. When it was finally our turn, I got to take a picture with them, then they signed it and... I was excited. I told them I was a big fan, I had the action figures, I memorize their lines when they transform and I was thankful for entertaining kids all across the world.
Then when my parents we’re shopping while I was sitting down in one area still looking at my autograph keeping my distance, there we’re a bunch of bullies that picked on me. Something about girls like me are not meant to be heroes that we’re better off in the kitchen. I tried to fight them but they shoved me, laughed at me, took my autograph and ripped it to shreds. Then after that, one of the female space cops showed up to stepped up for me to scare the bullies away by publically humiliating them.
I was sitting on the ground, crying, holding the shredded paper. Then she hugged me and told me that everything is going to be okay. The rest of the team showed up along with my parents later on, they asked what happened and when she told the story to the team, they felt bad for me. So they decided to take me out to the Ice Cream shop their treat.
While the Ice Cream was great and they replaced the autograph picture with another one, it was her message behind the autograph that I would never forget. She said that ‘Being a hero is not for a specific gender, race, or physical appearance. Anyone who is brave enough to do the right thing no matter what the consequences are is what makes a hero.’” She smiled at that memory as if it was yesterday.
‘That must be a very important story.’ Buddy chimed in.
“Yeah that day was important to me because at that moment, that was the catalyst of me deciding that when I’m all grown up, I want to help people the best way possible: I joined the army. I could’ve been a police officer but I wanted to make a real difference. I wanted to help people not only because I want to do it for freedom or justice, it’s because I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from. “
‘Huh that explains the camouflage gear.’ Buddy commented.
“My family was worried for me but ultimately they supported my decision. When I was finally ready to be on the field, I was sent to something called ‘Tour of Duty’ meaning you being a soldier for 24/7. It lasted six months but we got the job done. Not just killing people but helping the victims as well.”
‘So... How was it?’
“How was it? It was exhausting as hell but it was worth it.” She smiled at that but only for a moment before she resumes her story.
“ After our first tour of duty, when we we’re being flown on our way back home, we we’re told to be careful, that there’s a contagious disease going on right now that we should look after our friends and family once we get back home. When we landed to our military base, people we’re scrambling around the area gathering guns, food, and fuel. I asked what’s going on and they just told me to gear up heading to our respective towns because of an attack so that’s what I did. Myself and a handful of soldiers drove back to my town as fast as we can. On our way we saw these people walking around with blood on their mouths, one of my comrades approached it, they got bitten and when we thought it was just nothing, they fell asleep, they woke up and turned into one of them. That’s where we learned about the biters, that we have to aim for the brain to kill them for good. Once we knew what we’re dealing with, we kept going. Then we made it back home only for it to look like a war just happened.
Then without having a second thought, I drove us back home to see my family. I yelled for their names and... they got killed... all of them... they we’re brutally killed by gunshots to the head... my mom... my dad... my brother... all died without a fighting chance before the world changed. I cried, holding their bodies... processing everything that has happened... I stayed inside the house the whole day... and the soldiers... they stayed... they didn’t abandon me. Instead... they gathered survivors, supplies, anything that can be used to help one another while we waited for rescue. I helped later on and I’m glad they didn’t leave me alone when I needed them the most. We created our own Stronghold in our area and turned it into a camp.” She was speaking slowly to fight the tears from coming out.
Buddy then by instinct grabs Samantha by the shoulders.
“Buddy what are you doing?”
They didn’t say anything as Buddy gave her a long friendly hug.
“Oh, this is nice.” She whispered.
While hugging, Buddy whispered I’m sorry to her ear.
“Thanks. I don’t need your apology but I really needed that hug.” She let go before she resumes her story.
“But nowadays I’m alright. Overtime, our little camp grew. More people, more resources, we built bigger and wider walls, we have rules, everyone has jobs, we renamed our sanctuary as Strongheart we didn’t realize we we’re rebuilding our own civilization once again. We forgot about rescue because we we’re busy building a world of our own and turned it into what it is today.” Samantha finished her story.
“So there you go, I told you my story so there has to be something from yours that you can remember now.”
‘So Strongheart is like Stargate then.’
“Wait Stargate? You never said that before? Do you remember something from your past?” She said with a hint of excitement.
Buddy then explained about their city before here, Stargate and the history that they have with it. But Buddy doesn’t remember the names or the moment they lost their memory.
“Okay now we’re making progress.” She smiled at that. “So you remember your city, you remember Stargate and you remember the things that you’ve done that makes you... well you.”
‘I remember looking for my family where I was supposed to meet them... but they we’re gone. Not dead but gone.
“You remember looking for your family as well to where you’re supposed to meet them but they weren’t there. So they’re still alive somewhere?” She asked.
‘They have to be. They must be far away or maybe they’re not.’
“I don’t mean to be a buzz kill but even if Stargate is still out there, are you sure it’s the same people as back then?” She was being realistic.
‘I don’t know but it’s worth a try to go look for them.’
“You don’t know. Also you’re not going out there to try and find them until I say so. Wherever they are I hope they’re doing well. Maybe they have their own camp, growing it into something more. Who knows... one day Strongheart and Stargate will be big enough for the two to meet each other and negotiate some trading of resources. Maybe you’ll find some of your old friends... if you can recognize them.” Samantha explained the possibility that the two communities will meet in the future.
Buddy wasn’t listening when they saw a person watching them behind one of the abandoned cars from a far then they decided to hide. They stood up and kept their eye contact to make sure they don’t lose that person.
“Hey, hey what’s wrong? Why are you standing up? Did you see something?” She sounds confused and upset.
‘I think someone is watching us from afar.’
“Are you sure someone’s watching us from afar? We could check it out together if you like? Trixy and Tom are about to be done burning bodies.”
‘I have to go now before they get away.’
“Hey look at me. You’re not going after it alone. If you feel something’s wrong, then we’ll go check it out together. We’re not going to take a chance at something that’s going to bite us later in the ass. More importantly, we’re not leaving each other behind.” Samantha strictly ordered to get their attention back.
‘Wait... you trust me now?’
“Nope, I still don’t trust you. But if what you’re saying is right, then we need to move.” She reassured them.
‘Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go tell the others.’
“Alright, let’s go tell them then, we’ve sat down here for long enough.”
Samantha and Buddy then approached Trixy and Tom as they’re about to finish their job to share the news about what Buddy saw.
(Part 9 Coming Soon)
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