I’m a noob- which one is the real paneristi forum?

2022.01.26 08:47 Tight_Faithlessness9 I’m a noob- which one is the real paneristi forum?

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2022.01.26 08:47 drunkendoor I had a Remake just to get matched with the AFK again the next Game

So yesterday, me and some friends played normalgames. At some point we queued as 4. As we got our match and were in the lobby we started some chatter with the random guy, or at least we tried. He had "Monkey" in his name and one of us made a joke about Wukong but he gave no response at all and instalocked his Amumu. We thought nothing of it and went on with the game.Everything seemed fine, he bought items and went to his Bluebuff. I, the Janna, placed my Q at 1:27 to assist him but he didn't move from his bush. When he had not moved up until 3 minutes into the game, we were pleasently suprised that we could remake the game.
No one was super mad, sure we wasted 10 minutes and we were kinda smurfing in Botlane but w/e, maybe he had something important to do. The post Game lobby said "Leaver penalty applied".
This was the game: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/euw/5691284169#participant2
After that we wasted no time and quickly queued up for the next match. We got the queuepop after only 2 minutes and as the lobby started we noticed a friend. Sure enough, our jungler was the Monkey-guy from last game, who went AFK. We pointed that out to him in the lobby but again, he was unresponsive.
We kinda thought he might be some weird bot, but at level 257 that seemed unlikely. Just to see what would happen we banned amumu (he didnt hoover so I think it's fine). He picked Lillia and played the game quite normal, although he did not chat once but he used some pings.
This was the second Game: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/euw/5691246696#participant2
I thought it was just super weird. It seems unlikeliy for me to get the same person twice. Also I thought he would get some leaver penalty but i guess he could just queue right into the next game. But the weirdest thing for me is the question wtf he was doing? He must have been AFK for just the 3 minutes and the second we remade he returned to his PC.
Btw we played against the same Xerath in both games, also a fun coincidence i think!
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2022.01.26 08:47 FirmComplex6005 Is it weird that I love growing weed and everything about it but I only smoke like once or twice a year? I mainly started growing because it my moms medicine and got tired of paying 180 an oz.

Is it weird that I love growing weed and everything about it but I only smoke like once or twice a year? I mainly started growing because it my moms medicine and got tired of paying 180 an oz. submitted by FirmComplex6005 to Autoflowers [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 08:47 roydgriffin What to do about stolen Fanart

I found out somebody is selling a drawing I made on this website, but it is a fanart of a property that isn't my own. Can I still ask for a takedown request or is it out of my hands? I don't really have a proof of copyright, other than the original drawing itself and my own, older uploads to other pages. It's an entirely new drawing, nothing traced at all, but it displays a character of a famous Manga.
I just think it's sad when people claim other's art is their own.
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2022.01.26 08:47 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] An out-of-control SpaceX rocket set to collide with the moon ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.26 08:47 forsakendreams question about mixers and direct out

I was thinking about buying a mixer with the ability to send the signal I send into it back out again but not through the master, through a direct out on it. one of the ones I am interested in has a direct out for some of the channels and on the channels controls it has aux level (for the send and return presumably). it says "post fx" and "pre fx". does one of these terms mean I can have the aux send/return effect printed onto the direct out? i'm looking to send signals of instruments into a mixer then through onto a send return, then instead of a merged 2 bus master mix have the individual instruments go through a direct out for however many instruments I have running through it.
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2022.01.26 08:47 Lafuente_Astro Daily Daikon 18: Meganekko Nene

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2022.01.26 08:47 Consistent_Kiwi_5825 Just started MD

So I’m today is my third day MD’ing GT. The plan is to do 3 days on and 2 off. Started at 0.1 and felt spacey, couldn’t focus, all over weird. Yesterday I did about 0.06 felt irritated but got a lot of productive stuff done. Today I took 0.05 and am irritated and impatient about everything. I have noticed a better awareness of what’s going on inside my head more but it’s hard to bring that outside of my head into the interactions with my 2 y/o. Backstory; I’ve tapered off of 50 mg going all the way done to 12.5mg sertraline over the last month. Yesterday and today are my first days completely off. I have been meditating and setting intentions. Any guidance? I’m hesitant to go above 0.1 because of my first experience but has anyone had a similar experience where going up helped? Thank you!
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2022.01.26 08:47 nftaddict1988 Baby ape on Rarible

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2022.01.26 08:47 asthepurpleskittles Sign-on bonuses for everyone!

With regards to all these sign-on bonuses that aim to lure workers, it's not like all the extra money being passed out hasn't been there all along. So why now? Are they all suddenly starting to care about workers? Do they really worry about either inflation or what the pandemic is doing to us?? I think we all know the answer. We get that it's not about us, it's never been, rather they need us so desperately right now to make their precious profit. And they figured the minimum amount that they need to spend to do this is a meager thousand dollars or so. It's not unlike what reality TV show producers have done in discovering that 100,000 is the magic amount of money that you have to dangle in front of someone so that they'll go on public tv and look like an ass. Don' get me wrong, a lot of us critically need the bonus but in the big scheme it's such a small amount. Could you imagine if the ultra wealthy were actually serious about using their profit to help make life better for us all...
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2022.01.26 08:47 melodycellody Prolific Down??

Hey! Is Prolific down for anyone else? Or just a me thing? My wi-fi seems fine and everything else is working for me, I just can't access Prolific at the mo.
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2022.01.26 08:47 Romaaas VULVHALLA Event (DirtyLeague)

VULVHALLA Event (DirtyLeague) Join our official discord server - https://discord.gg/6JDfdQmFD2 Roman legions have invaded a barbarian village. Can you rescue the beautiful girls and fight back against the legions of Rome? We'll find out soon enough!
The event is scheduled to begin on the night of January 27-28 at 00:01 (GMT) Stay tuned!
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2022.01.26 08:47 Un3xp3ct3d123456 ????New hero skin?????

Just noticed this how do you obtain this skin? or is it not yet released?
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2022.01.26 08:47 Kitchen-Substance707 i tried creating old god elise

so I'm an elise main as u guessed and I wish she had more skins most of her skins are good but I wished for more so I started working out on a design for old god elise it looks more like a crime city nightmare and right now I only have the spider form concept but I have to ask elise mains what they think about this lovely skin:D I wanna work on the human version more and after that I'm planning to work on a prestige^ anyway, thx for your time:D if u like the concept u can check out my socials^ i added a link!
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2022.01.26 08:47 bradjackson88 Buy Cialis (Tadalafil) Online | Cheapest Generic Cialis

Buy Cialis (Tadalafil) Online | Cheapest Generic Cialis CIALIS ACTIVE INGREDIENT: TADALAFIL
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Buy Cialis Online - Click Here

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2022.01.26 08:47 Azkinyte can PUBG PC run on 6GB of system memory?

My friend has a laptop that meets all the minimum requirements except for the 8GB RAM one, his laptop has 6 gigs of DDR4 RAM but he usually only gets about 3.2 or 3.3GB to use (bcuz system takes up the rest) so, will he be able to run it? Even if the game's at the lowest settings possible?
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2022.01.26 08:47 Rota-aura Roomba Rue

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2022.01.26 08:47 greatestsaiyan22 NG / 61 / RtVS /PS4,psn: momen014

Someone help me beat her please
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2022.01.26 08:47 Juul10872 Why do so many people still believe in God after the introduction of the Internet?

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2022.01.26 08:47 Godhimself_REDDIT What's your opinion on bhvr removing dowseys twitch cosmetics after the criticism?

If you don't know the recent dev qna was met with a less than positive reaction, especially the part where Patrick said Looping the killer for 5 gens then dying lowers your mmr
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2022.01.26 08:47 Beneficial_Ad5293 What's the best way to make up gains after 7+ years training --> 2 years off?

Basically the title; pre-pandemic, I was in what I've now come to appreciate as fairly good shape and solidly mobile, comfortably training a few hours a day 5-6 times a week. Pandemic hits, life compounds, and suddenly 2 years have passed without me following much of the routine I used to have.
Now I'm in a position where I'm down from what was already a lean165# to about 145#, a good chunk of that loss probably muscle, stiff as hell, and realizing I have *no idea* what to do since its been almost a decade since I've had to consider training while being *this shitty* at everything. My old warm-ups are now beyond my current max effort.
There's six million different things that aren't what they're supposed to be and I don't know what to attack first - do I start with mobility? do I get my handstand back? do I try to get back on the planche progression? figure out my pancake? hell, I can't even sit with legs extended at 90 degrees somehow. Most of my programming pre-COVID was via a coach or just intuitive, and now I've lost access to the coach and my intuition has no idea what to make of being this out of shape.
Has anyone else been in this position? I'm completely at a loss for what to do, and now that I'm old as shit at 29, it seems almost impossible that I'll ever be able to get back to where I was.
I'm desperately trying not to lose motivation, because I love exercising and I'll do it just for the hell of it, but it's really messing me up that something that was such a big part of my identity feels permanently lost. Any advice would be fantastic.
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2022.01.26 08:47 PerpetualPixelNews PPN World News Headlines - 26 Jan 2022 • Russia Ukraine invasion • Poland border wall • Stealth jet

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2022.01.26 08:47 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Albanese’s behaviour on Australia Day was ‘very weird’ ¦ Sky News Australia

[News Shorts] Albanese’s behaviour on Australia Day was ‘very weird’ ¦ Sky News Australia submitted by Bonus1Fact to NewsShorts [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 08:47 GibleIsCute Recasting Actors: Double Standard

So for several years now this... person... has been whining and b!tching about the fact that a character on a TV show she liked was killed off because the actor died. She wanted them to recast, and whenever she voiced that opinion, people ganged up on her saying how "wrong" it was.
But at the same time, isn't this hypocrisy when multiple franchises have recast after an actor has died/stepped down/retired etc? Like James Bond has just been recast, Dumbledore had another actor from the third movie onwards after the original actor died, Doctor Who has regenerated and been played by multiple actors, and I've lost count of how many actors have played Superman. And these are just a few examples. Yet people seem to accept those things and nobody complains that it was wrong to recast.
So isn't this a double standard?
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2022.01.26 08:47 RnjEzspls What kind of DLC codes do I need to redeem for game pass on PC?

So I'm trying to buy the 30th anniv DLC for D2 on CDkeys but idk which one to get.
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