[Spoiler: 6.0] Spoilers for all of Endwalker, but about a specific duty...

2022.01.26 07:48 Ultimate_Overlord [Spoiler: 6.0] Spoilers for all of Endwalker, but about a specific duty...

Okay, but what if we expanded upon the already awesome level 83 duty? I was thinking about a way it could've been executed in retrospect, and I'm just wondering if we could've let the possession thing simmer a little longer.
That duty was this close to being the Scions v. WOL scenario I've wanted since the WOL was almost overcome with light in SHB, except it could've worked! So what if it was tweaked a bit?
The WOL finishes their part of the duty, and the screen fades to black as the point of focus shifts. Same scene with the Scions noticing "your" arrival, and they approach Zenos disguised as the WOL with excitement, only to find that the person who appears as their companion is anything but. However, instead of the WOL jumping in at that moment, I say G'raha and Alisaie are joined by the other Scions, and react quickly, defending themselves from Zenos' initial attack in your form.
Thus begins the duty continued from the Scions' perspective of fighting against Zenos while habiting the WOL's body, obviously while controlling a specific Scion. I'd pick between Alphinaud or G'raha (Alisaie already gets a duty during END, and I know Alphinaud does as well, but this is a pivotal moment, and I'd love to hear Alphinaud's thoughts of fighting the WOL, their longtime companion, while I'm sure Alisaie would be yelling her thoughts out anyway), but it really doesn't matter for me.
I was thinking that this idea might be difficult to implement, because "oh, but everyone has a different job, so I don't know, the custom actions from a WOL boss fight might be too difficult," but the fact that in the cutscene where Zenos-WOL ambushes G'raha and Alisaie while using a Reaper skill removes that fear. They could use actions similar to the Zenos duel in the finale, which would already be existing. The only potentially difficult factor would be assigning your character model to doing said action animations, which I admittedly, from a game designer's perspective, don't know how that would work. (But to be honest, this whole fantasy is purely spurned from 'wouldn't that be badass?' so I'm not being entirely practical.)
This whole premise of the Scions having to fight against the face of their friend, while also getting slowly pushed back/exhausted is not only tragic, but raises the stakes even more. You are here, as the player, worried for your WOL's body, and the well-being of the Scions, and are wondering how long they'd last without you.
As a potential additional factor...
Remember that timer from the duty with Hien, where it said "Time until WOL arrives?" This would've a great time to do a similar callback, as that was in a fight against Zenos possessed by Elidibus, iirc, simultaneously creating a fun parallel. However, having a timer for the WOL's arrival would take away the surprise from the WOL's rescue of the Scions in the actual cutscenes' climax. Thus, I propose a simple, and chilling alternative:
"Time until Zenos tires of this."
A ticking clock that, from the player's perspective, establishes the fact that, while the Scions are making a noble, collective stand, Zenos is choosing to hold back throughout all of this, and could wipe them out with your form if he so chose. This leads to the assumption that, once the clock strikes zero, Zenos would trigger an insta kill.
So, we're watching the clock tick down, and the Scions getting weaker. Perhaps Lucia runs in at one point, only to be quickly driven back, and the Scions tell her to "get everyone ready to flee the camp if need be! Something is terribly wrong!"
The clock runs down, and you're probably there sweating bullets, fearing the worst, and then a cutscene hits that's similar to the one we see in canon. Zenos is about to land a killing blow on two nearest Scions, which could still be Alisaie and G'raha from the original cutscene, only to be foiled by the true WOL throwing their sword (god, I loved that part), and crashing into him while he's off guard, before reclaiming their body.
I think the whole encounter, played out that way, would've been even more intense than before, and have wracked the Scions, and Camp Broken Glass, much, much more than it did in the story, as a result of things being drawn out.
What are your thoughts? I had this pop into my head, and just had to write it down.
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2022.01.26 07:48 anxcho Disney+ ovog ljeta dolazi u 42 zemlje, uključujući i Hrvatsku.

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2022.01.26 07:48 theseanbarry (For UK citizens/residents only) Please sign this petition for the government to officially recognise Somaliland, who let Taiwan open a Taiwanese representative office there

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2022.01.26 07:48 svanapps Factbox: IMF asks El Salvador to drop bitcoin, more countries clamp down - Reuters

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2022.01.26 07:48 Koyuriko [Problem I can't figure out] Can't resize midi on right side...

All of a sudden the midi notes won't resize on right side with "zoom to grid" or anything, they'll resize by 4 bars only on right side, I click on right side of midi and drag then it skips 4 bars no matter what quantize or zoom to grid option... while if I click and drag the left side of them (the beginning) they act as normal and resize depending on "zoom to grid" how zoomed in i am. I tried restarting, dunno what setting I hit, but its really annoying. The track editor works as expected, it's just midi notes....
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2022.01.26 07:48 _cosmickev Blood Hunter, Ghost Slayer help!

I’m gonna be using point buy and was wondering what the best stat array would be.
Also, my DM is gonna allow us to take a feat if we do point buy instead of rolling. So my idea is to take custom lineage to get 2 starting feats, and we’re starting at lvl 3 so I could either have 3 feats at lvl 4 or I could use the lvl 4 feat for a point buy.
I have a great back story idea but no idea how to build a bloodhunter because they’re so dependent on their stats, and they need a lot of them.
Should I do the 2 feats or just try to roll for really good stats?
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2022.01.26 07:48 Apprehensive-Week-41 Family is for all, surrogacy, adoption, fostering. We all can make a difference. The lgbt+ community are one big family. Would be so good to have your support on this! Join us on our journey @2daddywolfpack ❤

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2022.01.26 07:48 iheartfriday Noticed this when reading the last page of chapter 666. It looks to be Hollow Nelliel before she became an Arrancar

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2022.01.26 07:48 luciferklaus I think someone in the house has been feeding him French fries without me knowing…. This not so little guy is waaaaaay too interested!

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2022.01.26 07:48 Prodigy_96 Do you follow news on climate change,summits,meetings,agreements,etc?

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2022.01.26 07:48 MirimotoHitoshi How many of each Knight do you recommend owning for a good mix of diversity?

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2022.01.26 07:48 Visual-Shape-7176 Is the market crash ended? Just the beginning! The market crash is every 7 years

In the few week before, i was post my article about US market crash every 7 years, so 2022 will market crash. But only few people accept this article's viewpoint, Now Nasdaq and Dow has intraday reversad, so the crash is ended?

Huge reversal days are rare , there are only six historical precedents for the Nasdaq dropping 4% or more and closing higher — in data spanning about 34 years.

The Other days are:






and this time 1/24/2022

If we expand the simple size from 1929, there are the average loss after the reversal date was 13.36% with a median of 6.72%

As I mentioned before, The economic cycle of U.S. stocks has a very obvious 7-year cycle.

-In 1966, the United States experienced a "credit crunch". In August of the same year, the U.S. Treasury market suffered a severe "liquidity crisis.

-In 1973, seven years later, the world suffered the "first oil crisis", with stock market and economic problems and the first stagflation.

-Seven years later, in 1980, Wall Street forced the Hunt brothers to stop hoarding silver , which helped some banks and securities firms to avoid bankruptcy.

-In October 1987, the Dow fell 22% in one day on "Black Monday".

-Seven years later, in 1994, the FED raised interest rates six times in a row, and interest rates rose sharply from 3% to 6%, resulting in the most famous bond massacre in history.

-Seven years later, in 2001, the Black Swan event of 9/11 triggered a severe setback in the global stock market, and the U.S. declared an emergency stock market closure from 9/11 to 9/14, but the market resumed on the 17th, the U.S. stocks still had a panic sale, the S&P 500 index opened at 1,092 points and closed almost at the low of 1,038 points, down 5%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Index was killed to 8,883 points, down 7%, and the stock market fell 14% in one week.

The 7-year cycle came to 2008, the financial tsunami, Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks plunged.

-In 2015, Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks crash.


I would predict that in 2022, there may be a significant pullback in US stocks.

Stop asking why there is no 2020/3, because there is more than one starting point for the cycle and there are different periods that affect the stock market, and 2022 is a 7 year cycle
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2022.01.26 07:48 PachaDub What do we think about this then?

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2022.01.26 07:48 TheOriginalMattMan Anti vaxxers need a new mission

Restrictions are lifting and they're taking the credit, we've all seen the posts.
They need to turn their efforts to the real issues of the world.
It's too much struggle to get a paper straw to last for an entire Oreo milkshake.
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2022.01.26 07:47 cashclay818 Wake up everyone lol. Help us to grow

If you guys can try to post this sub group on FB, twitter, and etc... Lets get this group moving. Thanks
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